24 Year’s Old Positive Thinking Boy Story.

24 Year’s Old Positive Thinking Boy Story

Life Changning Thought:- Some people listen when the voice is high, but if the voice is high, many people listen ........ Rk

Hye Guy's I'm Rohit Kumar ....... A short story is the story of a 24 year old boy, he used to work with a Seth, his parents were not in this world, life was in big trouble. Was going on He used to come home every day after earning money, cook, eat, sleep, one day he saw that he made 4 chapattis and vegetables, after washing his hands and came back, 3 left, the same happened the other day. , On the third day he took care and caught the mouse.

A rat was going with a thick chapati, caught the rat, the rat said, "Why are you eating my luck, let me take the chapati from me. So the boy said, I don't have much money Yes, I have made only 4 chapattis, you are taking 1 of them, so I will.

My life has hurt me, the rat said that a person can answer all your questions, the Boy asked who is this? So the rat said that Gautama is Buddha, go to his ashram and ask him about his life. He will tell you the way to be done, so the boy said very good thing, then the boy agreed to the mouse, went to meet Gautam Buddha, and took leave from Seth for 5-6 days.The road was long, it was night, the boy could not see anything, then a mansion appeared at a distance, went there and sought refuge there.

The mistress of the mansion asked where are you going, so the boy said, I am going to the ashram of Gautam Buddha to meet him, then the mistress said that you are going to a very good place, if we bring an answer to one of our questions from Gautam Buddha If we answer the right question, the boy definitely said.

Now the boy asks the mistress of the mansion, I will ask your question, then the mistress of the mansion said that I have a 20 year old daughter. Who has not spoken a word for 20 years, cannot speak. Just asking them when this daughter will speak, she was in tears while speaking, the boy said, "Mother, do not get upset, I will go and I will definitely find the answer to your question."

The boy walked the next day, the path was very long, he found great mountains on the way, high mountains, snowy mountains, he could not understand how to cross, it would be too late, then he saw a Magician who Was doing penance sitting there.

Went to the magician and told him that I have to go to meet Gautam Buddha, the way seems very troublesome, how will I overcome it, then the magician said that Gautam is going to meet Buddha after answering one of my questions Come on

So I will get you across this mountain quickly, the boy said, tell me your question, then the magician said that I have been doing penance here on these mountains for a thousand years, I do not understand when to go to heaven, so The boy said okay, come to answer your question, the magician turned the stick,

 And got the boy across the Mountain, came to the plains, there was a big river. The boy again had a problem how to cross this river now.

Then he saw a big tortoise there. So the boy asked for help from the Turtle, sitting on your back and make him cross the river, the turtle said, Well, while crossing the river, the turtle asked if you are going, then the boy said to meet Gautam Buddha I am going.

Turtle said, "Wow, man, you are going to a very good place, so one thing to do is to come to answer my question, then the boy said," Tell your question also. Turtle told his question that I have been in this river for 500 years since long. And I am trying to become a dragon, when will I become a Dragon, just come and ask. The boy said, "Okay, the boy was in the ashram, near Gautam Buddha, the discourse was going on, the discourse ended."

Gautam Buddha ji said that everyone can ask me questions, but only 3 questions will be answered, now the Boy had a problem that whom should drop his question, whose question should be left and whose question should be asked.

  The boy started thinking, at first the mistress of the mansion was seen, then he thought that she is trying to treat her daughter, daughter is not speaking, she had tears in her eyes, it is important to ask her question. The second picture that appeared in his mind, that magician's magician he has been doing penance there for thousands of years, in a mountain of snow. The third picture was seen of a turtle who has been in the river for 500 years, wanting to become a dragon.

Then the boy saw his picture, which is a boy doing job on Seth's place. The boy thought that I am doing a job, I am eating food, I am going to work a little more and will change these It is necessary to change the lives of three people, it is important to ask questions of these three, the boy asked Gautam Buddha the questions of all three.

Gautam Buddha replied first to the mistress of the mansion, he said that the girl who is the mistress's daughter will start speaking as soon as she gets married at the age of 20. Let us answer the second question, Gautam Buddha said that the magician is to tell him to leave the stick, the day he left the stick and abandoned the stick, he will go to heaven. The third question was that Gautam Buddha of the turtle said to tell that turtle to take off his armor, on the day he took off his armor he would become a dragon.

The boy greeted, bowed and walked back, found the turtle on the way and told the turtle that you take off this armor, Gautam Buddha has said that you will become a dragon as soon as you remove the armor

As soon as the turtle took off the armor, the pearls came out of the pearl. The turtle said, I will do these pearls, take these beads, you gave pearls to the boy and the turtle became a dragon. When the magician got a little further, the magician went and said that brother you will have to leave the stick. Only then will you be able to go to heaven, the magician said, "Take this stick, keep this stick, I will go to heaven. The magician has gone to heaven. Now come the third question in this mansion from where the mistress sent the question, go to the mistress" Said that your question was answered.

On the day your 20-year-old daughter gets married, she will start speaking, so she said, "What is the matter, how long is the groom sitting in front of me." Who can be a better boy than you, the girl was called, the girl saw the boy, the boy saw the Girl, and the marriage was done, and as soon as the girl got married the first thing was that you should be the one who was with us in the night that day. The girl stopped coming and started speaking. Money came in the life of the boy because pearls had come, pearl's strength came, strength came, and the boy got married. Just because he had abandoned his question.

The ship that is in this World, when it is on shore, is safe, the most fearless, but it has to sacrifice this shore to go to the other shore, it has to compete with the waves.

Till this boy had not left his question, this boy had not received answers. This little story teaches a very big thing in life. If you want to do something amazing, then give up, start getting those bad habits, laziness, early in the morning, remove the bad habits in your life, only then you will be able to do amazing Rohit Kumar will tell you once again. Something that the world wants to be like you "

1. I do not believe in taking the right decisions, rather I prove them right by taking decisions.

2. The horse that wins in the race does not even know what the victory actually is. He runs because of the trouble given by his boss. Therefore, if there is any problem in your life, then you will understand that your boss wants to 'win you'. 

3. Nobody's your Friend until they defend your Name in your Absence......

4. It is Impossible Without Risk, to Reach the Destination, 
There is a Victory Ahead of Risk......Rk 

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