Consultancy | Do not give Money in Any way to Anyone Left of Consultancy


Consultancy | Do not give Money in Any way to Anyone Left of Consultancy.

Do not pay money to any person of Consultancy Consultancy in any way. Complain against such companies in the police station near your home.

Consultancy is a subject from which a young person is troubled. People with consultancy sit down with a small room and people who need jobs very much, they upload their bio data online, those people also come in the same people.
It is for such people that these consultancy people get to know all about them by reading their online details, then the numbers of these people are uploaded on their website or any other site to get a job on the same website. These consultancy people collect all their information from them, then these consultancy people call them and say that they had applied for this job.
Your interview has been fixed, you have to come to this address tomorrow only when a common man asks them anything about the company, in this way they fool the common man and the common man needs a job, So he also gets into the words of these consultancy people, and reaches the place mentioned by them.


When the man arrives at the place mentioned by him, it is a third class place that these consultancy people have taken for two to three days. Let's say, ask about the family background and select them in as many as five minutes, because they have to eat money if they refuse.

These consultancy people are at a disadvantage, so they do not spend much time and make their selection, then speak to them, Sir, your selection is done, you have to bring five Hundred rupees tomorrow, friends, I am telling you at least, otherwise Their demand is very high.

Sometimes the cost of the dress, sometimes I'd like to spend the card and not know how to make excuses, I will tell you the Twenty excuses of Consultancy, so that these innocent people of Consultancy and those who are in great need of the job are cheating them if you also have an interview If you go to one of these excuses with this Consultancy, then you immediately understand that you are a Consultancy, and they are cheating you.

Ten excuses for Consultancy People: -

1. When a company has told you that your selection is done, all you have to pay for the dress is that you will get a refund, so understand that it is Consultancy.

2. Then when someone tells you that you have to fill Security Fees so that you do not leave this job and go away, you will get it back by joining your first month salary.

3. You will get a Smart Card, inside your Joining's Ten Day's, so you have to pay.

4. If they ask you for money for I'd Card too, then you will understand that they are consultancy, because the right company will not take any money from their employees to join them.

5 Whenever a company asks you for money to open a salary account, then you understand that it is a consultancy because any company opens an employee's account for free.

6. Then the company said that to verify the file of any documents, sir said that your file will be verified by the senior in the head office of our company, for that give us the money so that we get your file verified from the head office.

Friends, no company asks for a single money to verify any file, it is the responsibility of the company to check all the papers of the employee or get them free.

7. Then you have a company Advance Charges Like that Registration Fees, Verification Fees etc. So friends, if anyone asks you for money in this way, then you will understand that it is Consultancy.

8. If a company asks for training charges from you, then you should understand that it is Consultancy, because friends do not take any money from training of any company. Training is free.

9. You should never have your original documents with the company because once they have given their documents to them, they will keep asking you for money, and you will not be able to do anything because when a Consultancy person opens his Consultancy work, he will first Consultancy is already set up by the police. Do not forget to consult the original documents even in consultation, you will be very bad.

10. The most important thing is never to make an agreement with any company, if you make an agreement with any of your companies, then you will get very bad because according to that agreement you will become a slave of that company.

You will have to do as they say, 500-1000 Rs. After talking about giving more, you will get the work done for 2-3 years or more and you will have to force, so never sign a contract with any company in the hope of getting a little more money.

Friends, if you do a job in the airport, then there are charges for the airport training dress, that too after the interview, not before the interview, when you give the interview, when you pass the interview, then you will have to give the charges to the airline company There is a check, when they do not ask for cash, whenever they ask for their charges, it is also a check for the name of the airline, the airlines company never asks for a demand cash by demand draft, and anytime the account number is the company official number. Happens, and no company has any kind of charges …… Rkindias


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