Sales of Products between Customers & Salesmen with Politely

Sales of Products between Customers & Salesmen with Politely

Relationship between Salesman and Customer.


Rohit Kumar

This is the success of a salesman who sells you something. He will make it known that you are not going from the shop empty handed. This includes everything from reverse cyclolinty to vigorous bargaining. As a customer you must overcome the mind game of salesmen. We are telling you how you can compete with his wisdom.

For Salesmen


Run Over

Prerna Kohli, a psychologist from Delhi, said that many salesmen negotiate to the extent of making you tired and annoyed. In the end, you get tired and give up and decide to shop. He advised, 'Decide how much time you want to spend in a store. If you do not get the desired deal in that time, then get out of there. You should say that after talking to the manager, send the information about the price of the goods to the salesmen by email.

Mental Profiling

Salesmen or dealers are trained to understand people's mood and to catch their weakness. They know your desire through questions. Kohli said, 'Your strategy should be clear. If the deal is not found, you can get out of it by promising to come later. You can also take the salesmen under your influence by bombarding questions on your behalf.

Discussion with the Decision Maker

If you and your partner are shopping, the salesman identifies the person making the decision. He then tries to convert her. In this case, you should work like a team and choose a later time to take decisions.

End of Sale or Last Sale

Excuses for running out of goods or getting discounts on time are common by the store. You decide to buy goods according to your needs. Check the availability of that item with another dealer.

Reverse Psychology

Everyone is brought up by salesmen who give you a chance to disagree or say that you buy goods, but ... this is a chance to woo the customer. Many times the customer gets into the deception of the salesmen and sits down shopping.

For Customer


Speak Soon

If you want to bring salesmen at your rate, then speak a little faster. According to a research, if you speak fast, then the other person will have less time to process it and will not think of excuses for answering. Maybe he will be ready to sell the goods at your cost.

Arrive on Time

The right time to reach a store for shopping is its closing time. When the salesman or dealer is tired after a day's work, then the deal can be closed according to you. At that time, his position will not be to argue with you.

Keep Calm

Stay calm for a while when the salesman gives a price. Many people get scared by this peace. In this condition the salesman will think whether he should offer again to confirm the deal. Many times this silence works and you get the desired deal.

Don't be Hasty

If you like something, do not be eager to buy it. The salesman examines this and this gives him a chance to push the product. Make it known that you will take the goods only when you get them at the right price.


When the dealer or salesman tells you the price of a product, you should be surprised. This psychology works many times and pushes the dealer on the backfoot. After that you say the price of your choice and try to go from there. Many times this strategy works.

Some Examples of Politely Sale between Customers and Salesmen :-


Product : A Latest Mobile Phone.

Example 1.

Salesmen Selling Mobile Phones to Customers.....

Note :- Pay Attention to the use of Can, May & Polite Phrases.

Sale the Mobile

Salesmen :- Good Morning, How may I help you  ?

Customer :- Good Morning, Can you please show me some new mobiles ?

Salesmen :- Sure Sir, Please give me a moment while I complete this entry.
                    (After some time) Sorry to keep you waiting, Sir may I know what you are looking for?

Customer :- I want a handset which has a radio, sms and a camera.

Salesmen :- Would you like to see any particular brand ?

Customer ;- Can you please show me the latest Nokia phone ?

Salesmen :- Sure Sir, This is the latest phone.

Customer :- Can you please tell me about the features of  this mobile ?

Salesmen :- Sure Sir, It has a two pixel camera & 1 GB Memory.

Customer :- I would also like to know if I can get Internet connectivity with this.

Salesmen :- Yes, you can, And it is very simple to use.

Customer :- How much discount can I get on this ?

Salesmen :- May I leave you for a minute while I check that ?

Customer :- Sure.

Salesmen :- Sir, this handset costs Rs. 5,000. We offer a 10% discount on this. So this mobile would                      cost you Rs. 4,500.

Customer :- Could you please repeat that ?

Salesmen :- After a 10% discount it will cost Rs. 4,500.

Customer :- Thank You.

Salesmen :- Is there any other model that you would like o see ?

Customer :- Not really, It is possible for me to pay through my credit card ?

Salesmen :- Yes Sir, You can pay through your credit card.

Customer :- Thank you for your assistance. i would like to buy this.

Customer :- Great, Let me get a new piece for you.                                            Complete 1st Example.

Electronic Shop 

Example 2.

Product : SurePure Purifier

Sale the Purifier

Customer :- Please tell us how to operate the Water Purifier.

Salesman :- Sir/Ma'am, it is a Simple process. Attach SurePure Water Purifier at a suitable height on the well. The place should have a power point and tap nearby.

Customer :- Ok, we do have such a place in our Kitchen.

Salesman :- Great, Sir/Ma'am Connect to purifier to the tap with the pipe. Next connect the plug to the power point & switch on.

Customer :- Can we Start using it ?

Salesman :- Not yet, Sir/Ma'am. Wait till the red light becomes green/Wait for the red light to become green. Than start filling water but do not use it yet.

Customer :- Ok. Than when can we use it ?

Salesman :- Once the water starts to flow, let it run for an hour. This water is impure and hard. After an hour, you can start filling your bottles.

Customer :- Ok, I got it is there any precaution, I should take ?

Salesman :- Yes, Sir/Ma'am. Switch off the power once you have filled all the bottles. You can keep the power on the whole day, but you should always switch it off at night.

Customer :- Not really, It is possible for me to pay through my credit card ?

Salesmen :- Yes Sir, You can pay through your credit card.

Customer :- Thank you for your assistance. i would like to buy this.

Customer :- Great, Let me get a new piece for you.
Complete 2nd Example.

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