Story of A Farmar & Two Pitchers ।। A Motivational Story.

Story of A Farmar & Two Pitchers 

A Motivational Story.

Written By Rohit Kumar.



Story Summary :-


A farmer had 2 pitches. One of those was a hole in the pitcher, due to the hole in the first pitcher, the other one was proud of itself. He always used to listen to the pitcher which had a hole in it, standing and digging it. The second pitcher used to say to the pitcher that I always give full water to the farmer, you always fill the farmer with half the water. 

The hole pitcher was very worried about this, the farmer was not seen. He asked the hole pitcher, at first, the pitcher did not say anything, then when the farmer said the promise, he told the farmer everything. He told the farmer that I am not able to give you as much water as a whole pitcher. He was very upset about this,


That is why the whole pitcher tells me that you are a burden on the farmer, the farmer takes you every day, but you are giving only half the water to the farmer, if you drop all the water, the pitcher with the hole told the farmer You throw me, I am of no use to you, I am a burden on you, then the farmer said to him (to the pitcher with holes) I replied to this why I have kept you here, I will tell you tomorrow.

Yesterday, the farmer said to the hole pitcher that I will fill you up from there, then you just keep an eye on the way. Asked the pitcher that you kept watch on the way back, the holeman said yes, then the farmer asked, did you see the way on the way, then the hole pitcher said nothing special, everything was ordinary.


Then the farmer said that you did not watch carefully, I knew about this lack of you from the very beginning or say that from the beginning, so I took water from my house from where I fetch water, and all the way through the fruits of vegetables The seeds of flowers were sown. Vegetable fruits and flowers that come in our house are coming because of the spread of water across your path.

The whole pot is only giving me water, but you are giving me all the vegetables and fruits and water. When the whole pitcher came to know about this, he also began to speak lovingly with the hole pitcher and he understood that if someone is making a mistake from someone, then he is also studying the positive effect of that mistake. Now the pitcher with holes also became very happy and when everyone came to know about this good thing, all of them started taking pride in the pitcher.


In the same way, if someone is suffering any kind of harm due to someone, then find out the positive thing about that person, then make a connection with that person by taking that quality, do not leave him alone due to any lack of any because you have him If left today, he can go wrong and can become a terrorist, he can try to kill himself, so when someone needs you, you should not support him or leave him in the same condition. That person will be greatly affected and they can do anything.

I Am Happy.....


Life is short, happy in every moment. Happy at work, happy at rest
Today I am happy not in paneer, but only in lentils. Today I am happy to walk, not a car.
 Today there is anger, I am happy with this style.
I am happy with the voice of someone who cannot see.
I am happy to think of someone who cannot find it.
Yesterday has passed, I am happy only in the sweet memory of it.
I do not know about tomorrow, I am happy to wait for him.
The moment is laughing, I am happy today.
Life is short, I am happy in every moment, if you touch my heart, then you have to answer.
Otherwise I am happy even without answer. Otherwise I am happy even without answer.


That's Me 

"That's Me"

You must have spent many days, months and years.
I will not be able to bite, I am one night.

Will have done it secretly, you have done it many times.
I am the one who will feel at heart.

When alone in the crowd, you will find yourself.
Whatever makes me feel connected, I am together.

You must have spent many beautiful moments with everyone.
I will remember those who will not forget.



1. Never be discouraged by frequent failures,
Because sometimes the last key of the bunch opens the lock.

2. The person who never made a mistake,
He never tried anything new.

3. Never persecute such a person in life,
Who has no one but God to call upon.

4. The crowd always walks on the path which seems easy, but this does not mean that the crowd always walks on the right path.
Choose your own path because no one knows you better than you.

5. There is tension in life, yet there is a smile on these lips
Because when living is in every situation, there is a loss in living smilingly.

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