Beautiful Love Story, When you Read this Post, You will Cry.

Love Story, (Facebook Wala Love)

When you Read this Post, you will Cry.

About Story

One day on Facebook with a Girl
Friend Request of a Boy comes ...

Girl cancels the boy's pic
Because she doesn't like the boy's pic ...

But the boy repeatedly sends her this request
Fed up with the girl, add her ...

Now boy, ever her Good Morning, Good Evening ..
Ate food, started doing all these Massages.

Girl Ignore Does Massage Again And Again
She started answering, slowly both are very good
Became friends

The boy's name was RAJ, and
He used to do a job on the ship .. Now he Holidays
But he came home in a few days again on his job
had to go.

Days passed and on the boy's ship
The day of leaving also came, before he left
Call the girl and ask her
Asked if she Loves him.

The girl got silent after hearing this ..
She loved him but
Just wanted some more time.

So the girl said that I like you,
If I miss you when you leave, then when I come back
I will answer you

Boy gone, complete 1 month passed RAJ's no call Msg
Did not come, the girl began to miss him a lot.
Taking care of her repeatedly massages all
Started missing a lot.

Girl Just Her Call
Waited and thought that this time she RAJ
Will tell that she loves him very much.
He realized the love of RAJ.

One day, when the call came out of spring number, he quickly
Call picked up, a boy said, did you
ROSHNI is speaking.
I am saying friend of RAJ,
RAJ Ship's feet slip from the feet
Which caused a deep injury to his head and
Just 3 days before he died
He always said that you miss him
You must have taken care of yourself with RAJ
He was the last Wish girl just by keeping the phone
Kept crying

Time has passed but today
Also when that girl opens facebook
So he keeps waiting for RAJ's Massage
Go, did you eat ……

Do not delay in telling your heart to someone you love, if the person does not live by delaying, or gets married somewhere else, so whoever you love, whether it is One Side Love or both sides. Ho love is as good as you can express it,

Exemple: - You must have seen the character of "MS-Dhoni The Untold Story" movie Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Priyanka, in which Mahendra Singh Dhoni liked Priyanka for marriage or just say Dhoni liked Priyanka, he did not tell why Priyanka had died, tell me one more thing, friends, "MS-Dhoni The Untold Story" Movie is a film made on Mahendra Singh Dhoni's biography.

Moral in this Post: - Whatever you love, tell it in time, whether you love someone or you have made a mistake, it can be improved in time !!

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