How to Use Time Properly in Your Daily Life.

How to Use Time Properly in Your Daily Life.

Friends, if you are fond of going to the park, then you should wake up at 5-6 am and exercise in the park by running. If you go to the gym, then go to the gym and make your health. If you do not get up early in the morning, then friends do not wake up at 7-8 pm, if you do not want to go to the park, then there is no problem, you can exercise only by staying at home.

You friends J.P.M. Can I tell you that is J.P.M. J means Journaling, Journaling means that what you do in your daily life, you can write it in a register, what you have done in the past or friends, in that journaling register today. Beginning of the present day, what are you going to do today, keep that note in that register and make it your daily goal to fulfill it. P means, Prayer, as far as you all know about it, Prayer means, 10-15 minutes a day to remember God, remember God, worship God, Aarti songs etc. This keeps a person's mind calm and does not bring any wrong feelings in his mind, but he is always positive.

M means, Meditation is the meaning of Meditation, friends have to take control of their breath. Due to this, human health is good, he does not have any kind of disease. He is always happy, he always thinks positively, does not harm anyone, does not harm anyone.

For Students

If you are a student, do not carry the workload by continuing your studies. This is your age to read and play, but friends, do not get out of playing the whole day, make a Daily Schedule, get up early in the morning, come back to the park and get ready after taking a shower, after that you sit down to do your studies. If you have any tuition after studying, do not go there, then take a rest and have lunch and then take a walk.

 After that you go to play for a while, after that, after resting for a while, you join a course that will make good use of your time, you will learn something new, then after playing a little rest, join the course you have joined Go Continue your course by going there and you will get to learn something new. If you have the grief of running mobile, then you have many applications in mobile, which have been made to teach you a lot of new things in a fun way, download those applications and you can also watch your videos through YouTube. You can study and if you are interested in sports, then you can understand by watching videos of sports too.

For Men's

Today's men are going very flustered, I know you must have been very angry to hear me, but this is true. The daily schedule of men should be something like this, if you follow it, then your health will always be very good. If you get up early in the morning to go to the park or go to the gym, then go to the gym and exercise, because as the man gets older, his stomach starts coming out. If you know all this, you must have also seen yourself in others because with time we do not take care of our health, due to which our stomach starts to come out. Therefore, if you get up early in the morning and go to the park or gym, then your stomach will be slim and your health will also be good, your breath will not flow, you will also feel hungry and your body will also be maintained.

 Then after that you get ready to come home and have your self business, so to go there and if you do the job, then go there to work there, work stress-free, do not take stress at all, otherwise your health will be affected and you If you are troubled by something, you should share it with your staff or share it with your father or mother or father, and at least share it with your wife and if the wife is not there, this is the suggestion. , Tell your parents. Have lunch on time. Walk out in the middle of the family with work. This will make your mind stress-free, as well as new new ways will come in your mind to give your best in job to increase business, so friends always think positively, keep doing virtuous work, always be happy.

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For Housewife.

Housewifes also need to take care of their health, if they like to go to the park then they wake up early and go to the park. Exercise in Slow Motion by going there and do Meditation, and if you do not like going to the park, then do half an hour exercise at home. After that, after coming home to tackle the minor tasks of the house, after that if you want, small children can have tuitions. It will also earn them income and they can earn money apart from household expenses and if they have to fall professionally, then they can do Died, B-Ed along with tuition for the first 3 years.

By teaching tuition, the cost of her education will also come out, then she can teach professionally in school. If someone else is intrest, then you can join his classes. After completing the course, you can open your small work at Self Business at Home, this will also cut your time at home and you will also get money and the most special. Along with that you will be able to do the work of your interest which you always want to do. If you grieve to read writing, then you can write a book sitting at home and write a story etc. If your cooking is good, then you can participate in a cooking program and if you have another unique Telent, then you can participate in it.

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