A Blind Boy Erected Crores of Company at Age 23.

A Blind Boy Erected Crores of Company at Age 23.

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A child who was born in Sitarampuram, Andhra Pradesh. When he was born, there was no atmosphere of sorrow in the house, because this child was blind from birth. Due to being blind, some villagers had told their father that this child is of no use. It does not even have the right to live, otherwise it will become a burden on you instead of becoming your support.

But parents are parents, they did not listen to people and started raising their children, the whole family was dependent on farming and the financial condition of the house was also not good, in the meantime, this child was sent to a nearby government school. Gone but being blind, he could not study with the rest of the children. He could not participate in any school activity, and people used to watch him with inferiority complex.

The father started taking this child to the farm, but there too this child could not help. The father knew that he was very fond of studies, so the father sent him to the city and got him admitted to the school of blind children, where he was a topper and loved playing chess. After bringing 90% in 10th, he wanted to take science subjects, but due to being blind, he could barely get science subjects.

After this, this child surprised everyone by bringing 98% in the 12th exam. After this he applied for the entrance exam of IIT, but due to being blind he did not get admission in any good college in India. But when this boy applied for admission in America, MIT College of America gave him admission and from that he completed his graduation. Seeing his intelligence, he was offered millions of jobs in America, but he came back to India.

He came to India and started helping Divyago like him. He started the work of encouraging the physically weak people, so that those people can also get respectable place in the society and to fulfill their need, he opened a company called Bollant Industry where he gave a job to Divyango and his Taught to live by force. Today the turnover of his company is up to 50 crores annually. The name of this person is Sri Srikanth Bolla Ji.

The boy, who had said in childhood that he has no right to live, has given way to thousands of people to live today. The story is learned, friends no matter what situation you are in now, or what you do not have. If you have the courage to do something, have the courage, then believe that you can do even in the worst of circumstances, which people cannot think about. Therefore, have the courage to move forward in every situation.

Friends, this true incident teaches us that we continue to be unhappy about small problems in our lives, and on the other side there are people like Shrikanth ji, who do not give up even after suffering so much in their lives. Always keep fighting the troubles in life, of course in the end your victory will be sure. Friends, share such posts better than sharing fake story of movies. Many people will get courage, inspiration and right path from your one share. Share this post as soon as you see it. Thank you for reading the post.

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