Be A Master, Not A Servant.

Be A Master, Not A Servant.

Story Summary

There was a person named Rajesh. Rajesh had 2 sons, both sons were capable. Older son Neeraj MA After doing so, the contestant was preparing for the exam. Younger son Pankaj's B.Sc. Was completed. Rajesh was a hardworking farmer. There was a lot of arable land, own house, animals. Both sons would help him in farming with an external mind. After listening to a lot, Rajesh got both boys to work in the fields with him.

Here Son begs Father to go to Town.

"Father, I am going to the city tomorrow morning. My friend's father has talked in the factory, is a multinational company. Medicines are made. Right now the salary is low, but my friend is saying that the salary in the factory is very fast increases." Pankaj was very excited. At night, Rajesh's entire family dined.

Here the father explains to his Children, "Be the Master, not the Servant"

After having food, Rajesh explained to both the sons. "Children, you are a generation nowadays, as you wish. But one thing to always remember is that with this farming I got both of you higher education. After completing my schooling from the village, I sent you to college in the city. Son, Job Slavery is there. If you want a job sitting in a chair, I will not stop, but remember that in a job you will always be a servant, not a boss.

The whole life will be attacked in the city itself. Neither clean air, nor clean drinking water, nor pure food and drink, nor pure grains, vegetables without spray, neither you nor your family will get it. Follow me, the elderly have good land. Your education will not go in vain. Both brothers should do modern farming in a scientific manner.

My Father made me a Master, not a Servant. I want you to remain the Boss throughout your Life.

Here the Father tells the Children the Importance of the Farmer.

Then the son, the farmer is the backbone of the country, the donor. Apart from filling his stomach, he fills the stomach of the countrymen. I have heard that those working in the city are not able to feed their family properly. ”Both sons went to sleep in their rooms.

Here both sons understand their Farmer Father and get Ready to do Farming.

The next day, Rajesh started going to the farm. Both sons said, Mother should also tie our food, we will also walk in the field with Dad. "

"..... well ..... children ...... so .... you will ..... do farming ...."
There was a glow on Rajesh's face. "Yes, father, we will become servants, not servants." After picking up the plow, all three ran to the field. The smiling sun was welcoming them.
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