How did Virat Kohli Achieve Such Immense Success?

How did Virat Kohli Achieve Such Immense Success?

Written By Rohit Kumar.

Based on the Life of Virat Kohli

How did Virat Kohli Achieve Such Immense Success? This post will Teach You a Lot Today. At A Time in Which Virat Kohli's Great Success began, must Read the Entire Post.

Story Summary

Friends, a Cricket Match was being held between Delhi and Karnataka in 2006, Karnataka batting first scored a big score of 446 runs. Now it is Delhi's turn to bat, Delhi loses 4 wickets for 14 runs, after this Kohli comes to the ground and during the first day's batting, Kohli makes 40 runs and the first day's play ends. The next day's innings is very important for both Kohli and Delhi team. At night, Virat goes to his room to sleep. Late night, Virat gets a call and finds out that his father has suddenly passed away.

This incident shakes Virat Kohli, because there is no greater grief for a human being than the death of his parents. The next day morning, all the players of the team become aware of this incident and the Delhi team gets depressed, that Virat will no longer play and we will lose. Virat calls his coach and tells the whole thing and the coach tells him, "Whatever was to be done," your career is calling your country in front of you, your team is calling you. Now the rest is up to you.

Fate threw a huge challenge in front of Virat, Fate took the biggest test of Virat, after thinking for a while Virat went to dressing and dressed and told his team. I am ready to bat, all the players are shocked and silent after hearing Virat's decision and everyone's eyes become moist. This was the moment when one of the world's greatest cricketers was born. This decision of Virat changed his destiny. Virat makes 90 runs on the pitch, and immediately goes out to cremate his father with moist eyes.

Since then, Virat has buried thousands of success flags. Due to this incident, Virat's passion for cricket grew and today Virat's life inspires millions. Today Virat earns crores of rupees a month. Now you tell me whether Virat deserves crores of rupees or not?
Yes, he spends crores of rupees a month, because he is very dedicated for his work.

Friends, whenever there are difficult times in the world, understand that God is trying your strength and if you do not dare and give up in that bad situation, then you will pass the test taken by God and will burn those flags of success. People who cannot even think in the dream after that you will achieve everything in life.
Learn from the life of Virat Kohli - Be so dedicated to your work that you do not feel anything big in front of your work.

Remember that loving your work and constantly working hard for it makes you successful, so work every day, work hard, because continuity is the key to success.
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