Parrot And Myna, Always Believe in Yourself

Parrot And Myna, Always Believe in Yourself

About the Story

Friends, today I am going to tell you a story in which a parrot and a myna are hungry. They get a gram of grain from Naseeb. Both of them think that they will divide two grains of this grain and as soon as both of them put the gram grains under the tree and hit it with a stone, then the grain of the gram gets scattered and gets stuck in the trunk of the tree. How do they get this gram grain out of the trunk of the tree, friends, this is the story, you read it and tell me you should not forget to give your feedback and to read similar stories on your own page, your own website. Do visit at www.rkindias.com, thank you.

Story Summary

Once upon a time, Parrot and Maina lived in one place. The two had a deep friendship. There was a shortage of food in the village where he lived. They had to go far in search of food. Once upon a time, they got a gram. Looking at the grain, I said, let's divide it into two parts. To split the grain, they placed the grain on the trunk of a tree, and hit it with a stone. Dana got trapped and got stuck between the trunk of the tree.

The parrot shouted, Hey, what shall we do now? Maina suggested, let's go to the king. Both of them flew to the king and said, Maharaj, help us. With great difficulty we got a grain of gram to eat, we put it on the trunk of the tree to distribute it, then it ate our gram. Raja said, for this you will have to take the help of a carpenter.

The parrot and myna immediately flew to the carpenter and where he cut the wood and took out the grain from it. But the carpenter refused. The parrot and Maina went to the king again complaining about him.

What can I do now, where is the king. Parrot and Maina were disappointed, yet they dared to approach the snake. Where both of them from the snake, the trunk of the tree has eaten our grain, we complained to the king, where has the king told us to go to the carpenter, but the carpenter also did not help us, we again came to the king, We asked him to punish him, but he also refused to punish the carpenter. You bash the carpenter, he will be punished.।

The snake paid no attention to his words. Flying the parrot myna now came near the stick. He said with a stick, let's go and beat the snake. Because he refuses to cut the carpenter. He is not obeying the king's orders, and in such a way, how will we get our gram grains? Rod also refused to help him.

Frustrated, the two went to the fire, telling them their full story. The fire also refused to help them. Flying the parrot and myna now went to the sea and said, you are the eldest, now only you can help us. The trunk of the tree has eaten our grain and the carpenter is not helping us either. We also asked the snake to bury the carpenter and punish him, the snake also refused. Then we complained to him with a stick, the stick also refused to beat the snake, and the fire also refused to burn the stick. Now only you can do something.

Samundra took pity on Parrot and Maina. He threatened the fire, that if he did not help both of them, he would extinguish him. The fire scared Samundra's threat, and he warned the stick that if she did not beat the snake, she would burn it. Fearing a fire threat, the stick told the carpenter to bash him, telling him to beat the snake. Fearing the snake, the carpenter immediately ripped out the stem of the gram stuck in the trunk of the tree, and the two split and ate it equally. Now Parrot and Maina were very happy ........... Rk

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