Tulip Story of Srinagar.

Tulip Story of Srinagar.

The heaven of the World has also Really Shriveled with the havoc of Corona, But...

Tulip Garden

13 Lakh Flowers have Bloomed, but there is No One to Look After.

Flowering season has arrived at the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden in Srinagar, Asia's largest Srinagar. This beautiful garden, built on 30 acres at the mouth of Jabarwan hills, has 13 lakh tulips blooming this time of 55 varieties. Due to Corona crisis, no one will come to see flowers in the garden this time. So the park is heard. Preparation of this garden lasts all year. Tulip in Srinagar attracts thousands of people every year, but this year due to coronavirus, no one will see its beauty.

The preparation for the next year starts soon after the tulip season has passed. There is another tulip garden, Dal Lake, second and Nishant Bagh built of Mughals and third and historic Chashm-e-Shahi, where Pandit Nehru is said to have only drank water from the spectacles there. Flowers worth 60-70 lakh rupees are brought here every year from the Netherlands.

The government paid it 80 lakh last year. I did outsourced. Every year there is a 10-day Tulip Festival in Tulip Garden, which is named Bahar-e-Kashmir. The festival includes people associated with the traditional music and arts of the valley. There is no hope of it happening this year. Siraj-ud-din, the land of the garden, moved to Pakistan in 1947 partition. Then the government took it under his control. Earlier this tulip garden of Kashmir is called Sirajbagh. 

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Tulip in Holland is famous worldwide. The Koekenhof Tulip Garden here is the largest flower garden in the world, which is called the Mecca of those who love flowers. Every year 7 million, ie 7 million flowers are planted, including tulips, daffodils, roses and lilies. In the world's tulip gardens, the first number comes the Koekenhof of Holland, the second is the Skagit Tulip Festival of Mount Vernon, USA.

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