Village And City.

Village or City.

A Village is A Village after All.


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Story Summary

There is a person here, Rameshwar, whose daughter got married in the city some time ago, he goes to pay homage to Lohri.

There lived a person in a village, named Rameshwar. Her "daughter is the first Lohri after marriage, so where do the people of the house go to the city and offer her in-laws to her in-laws." Geeta spoke after packing Lohri. Geeta was his wife's name.

The next day Geeta's husband Rameshwar was leaving to go at four in the morning. This was the five-hour road to the city. He was very excited to see the city and meet his daughter. Suddenly Rameshwar's wife Geeta said,

Here, Rameshwar's wife reminds Rameshwar of her health and tells her not to eat food outside.

"Look, you have sugar. Don't eat anywhere and don't even drink water from the daughter's house. I have packed your food." Geeta said while holding the luggage.

Here Rameshwar reaches his Daughter's Home Town.

As soon as Rameshwar reached the city, he reached the daughter's house. Gave back the Lohri greetings to the daughter and son-in-law.
Rameshwar opened his food by sitting in a hotel when hungry walking around the city. As soon as he started eating, the waiter said, "Brother, you have accepted your food here. If you have to sit here, you will have to take food from here." On hearing this Rameshwar tied the food back and came out of the hotel. After a brief walk, he sat in the park by the beautiful, where the children were playing, and people were roaming. Sitting on the shore, enjoying the sun, Rameshwar took out the food, and due to increased appetite, he started eating fast.


Here Rameshwar could not even Eat Half the Chapati properly, that the Park Committee Team stopped him.

Had just eaten half a chapati, that the committee staff came and stopped Rameshwar from eating.
"Hey brother, food is forbidden in the park. Look it is written on the front board. This makes the park dirty. You will eat the food elsewhere."
Rameshwar was immediately embarrassed and tied the food again. Took a return bus after going to bus stand.

Here Rameshwar reaches the Village, and Kalua sits Near the Barber.

On reaching the village, Kalua sat at the barber shop.
"Hey brother, you have come to the city. Looks like you are coming with your daughter." Rameshwar said, "Yes brother, I am very hungry. First stop and sit at your shop and have dinner." Rameshwar took the food out of the bag and opened it, as soon as the food started eating,

Here Kalua Barber stopped Rameshwar from Eating Food.

Kalua said, "Let Ramu brother, it has become stale. Your sister-in-law has just left Tiffin. Eat from this." Saying, Kalua extended to Tiffin Rameshwar.
"And tell me brother, how was the city. Would it be beautiful from our village?" Kalua was asking out of curiosity.

Here Rameshwar tells the difference to Kalua Barber, in the Village and the City.

"Yes brother, there is a big difference between city and village. No one in the city even lets them eat their food, and people feed their food in the village." Rameshwar said while eating.

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