Accidentally Transferred Your Money To Another Person's Bank Account

If You Have Accidentally Transferred Your Money To Another Person's Bank Account

How can you Withdraw Your Money from That Person's Account.

If you have accidentally transferred your money to another person's bank account, then how can you withdraw money from that person's account, today you will know this post, these people must surely read this post, which is often only 2 It will take minutes to read the post completely, I have written this post to help you all. Share this to your friends also, please fill the feedback form and tell me, thank you.

Friends, today you will learn in this post, you will read that if you have mistakenly sent your money to the wrong person, then how will you take those money back. Friends, one way is that as soon as you have transferred the money to the wrong person's account, you should inform the Reserve Bank of India as soon as possible and the second way I will tell you in this post is this method. I am going to tell you, this way India, whether in the whole world you can adopt this method and get the money transferred to your account to the wrong person, thank you read the post completely.

Friends, I will explain to you Point to Point, you keep reading these and know that what you have accidentally transferred your money to someone else's account, how will you withdraw it in your account. Let me tell you one way in advance, you You can also get money back from the above method.

1. Internet Banking

If you have entered the wrong account number while filling the check or while doing online transaction, and your money has been transferred to the wrong person's account, then you are not disturbed at all. From now on, the bank will help you if you go to the wrong account and you get the money back. It is often seen that many people have no idea about how they can transfer their money back to their account.

2. Online Transaction

Apart from this, you will have to give a screenshot of the digital transaction to the bank as a transaction proof. After giving this proof, the bank will start the further process. It will take 2-3 days. After that the bank will inform the owner of that account and ask you to transfer the money back to your account.

3. Police Fir

In most cases of accidental amount transfers, the receiver is willing to return the money, but if he refuses to return the money, you can file an FIR against him. If this happens to someone, the bank should get it as soon as possible. Taking steps should help in returning the customer money.

4. Complaint Letter

You must first file a complaint with your bank about this. If you and the beneficiary account are in the same bank, then this process is completed soon, otherwise your process takes about 3-4 days.

5. Bank Manager for Wrong Transaction

If the person to whom you have transferred money has an account with another bank, then you will have to go there and file a complaint as the bank cannot transfer money to anyone without the permission of its customer.

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