Mother's Day Special, Happy Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Special, Happy Mother's Day.

 I Love You My Lovely Mom.

Heart Touching Story. 


Title - She is Called Mother.

The person who hides you in the sphere of her motherhood from the time you are born is called mother.
Even those who are illiterate and read the sadness of children without telling them are called mothers.
The mother who calls her the best husband and child in the world, even on the neglect of her husband and the misbehavior of the children, is called mother.
The one who reduces your desires on your growing insistence, is called mother.
Whoever smiles quietly after listening to taunts, who sit better between the family and the office, is called mother.
By the way, a woman never gets off her mangalsutra, but for your fee, who does not hesitate to sell her, she is called mother.
Knowing that you have to eat medicine after eating something, but whoever feeds you before you is called mother.
Those who go to old age homes and shed tears in the memory of children, are called mothers.
Those who forget the world and repeat the name of their children again and again after going mad, are called mothers.
When I wrote my mother's name on the paper, the pen was spoken with admiration.

Why do We Celebrate Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is being celebrated on 10 May this year. People completely dedicate this day to their mother. Mother's Day began in America in 1912. Ana Jarvis was an iconic American activist who loved her mother dearly. He never married. He started this day to express love after the death of his mother, which was later celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Mother is the most beautiful gift made by God. Mother's Day is celebrated every year with great fanfare.

The day when you can finally thank your mother for her tireless contribution towards him. Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. Mother is the first friend, teacher and guide of a child and so it is important for you to celebrate Mother's Day to accept everything. So as we all celebrate Mother's Day,

Very Beautiful Lines for Mother :-

The world is very big but no more than "mother". Every "creature" in the world can see you with suspicion, but the eyes of the "mother" always seek to make you successful, capable, and the best. . The world can "abandon" you or sideline you on one of your mistakes. But "Mother" tries to convince you despite your thousands of mistakes. This is how "Mother" we can neither tell you in "words" or can express your love "There are many" lovers "on this earth, but no one else is more loving than you, the world is very big but your Like "Aanchal". And "Duja" is nowhere, love is done by us but many like you "Dular" and nowhere else, do not know why we are shy to take your name in front of the world but ask the truth with your lovely name in our life. None in

Best Wishes :-

  • Since God cannot be everywhere, He created mothers for us. Happy Mother's Day to all lovely mothers.
  • Best wishes to the person who has always seen the best in me in his life. Happy Mother's Day. Love you.
  • Your smile makes me happy and your love is by far the purest emotion in my life. happy Mother's Day. Love you mom
  • Sometimes, the world becomes a difficult place to live. Therefore, I need a big hug from my mother. Because it is the safest place on earth. Happy Mother's Day 2020.
  • Whatever I am today, I leave it to you. Thank you. happy Mother's Day.
  • You gave me this life and I am forever grateful for it. Thanks for everything mom. happy Mother's Day!
  • Mama sweetest! Nothing is precious to you in the whole universe. Sending you loads of hugs and kisses. happy Mother's Day!
  • You are perfect in every role that you play as a mother or mother-in-law or grandmother. You are the best, and I think you are very kind.
  • For a mother who is thoughtful, loving and kind, I am very grateful for the relationships that bind our hearts together in tender love. Happy Mother's Day - you're a gift from above!
  • From the very beginning, it was you who raised me, prayed for me, cared for me, guided me and supported me in every quest. Thanks, Mom, every day just for the love I needed.
  • I just want you to know how special and lucky I am to be loving, caring and amazing with a mother.
  • Mother, there is no one else like you. I make you feel blessed in my life. happy Mother's Day!
  • It is possible that gold can be purified, but who can make their mother more beautiful?
  • My mother was my idol, before I knew what that word meant.
  • The mother is heartbroken at home; And without him, there would be no heartbeat.
  • My mother: She is beautiful, soft at the edges and tempering with a steel spine. I want to grow old and be like him.
  • To describe my mother would be to write about a storm in its full power.
  • A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.
  • Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is a glorious life force. It is very big and scary - it is an act of infinite optimism.

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