Right Way to Give Interview.

Right Way to Give Interview.

 Written By Rohit Kumar.

About Interview

In today's era, every person can cheat and pass every exam, so before taking a job in big companies, the interview is taken, which is taken by the chief officer of that company, but it is not just limited to companies, but Interviews are also taken for many government jobs, so that no one can get a job by cheating. Now, let's talk about how to pass the interview. I will tell you some such questions, which will increase your chances of passing in your interview.

1. What about You?

This is the first question that is asked in 95% interview, this question may seem easy to you but it is very difficult, it gives a sense of your way of talking, confidence and communication skills, many people answer such question. Giving stutter, he speaks thoughtfully.

How to Answer ?

First of all your name, name of your parents, where are you from, finally how much have you studied and from where, what are you interested in, what is your strength, what is your weakness. Tell this information without hesitation.

2.What do you know about our Company?

From this question, the interviewer tries to know, how much preparation you have come or how much research you have done about the company, the interviewer tries to know that you really do some research about the company. Have you come or just got up for an interview?

How to Answer ?

First of all, know the complete information of the company and when you answer in the interview, whatever you know, as much as you have come by searching, tell everyone as much as you remember, like how old the company is, what awards are received. , Who is the owner of the company etc.

3. How did you come to know about this Job?


From this question, the interviewer wants to see your Honesty, how much truth you tell. In this, the person giving the interview mostly speaks in such a way that, Sir, I have come to walk-in. This is the wrong way, it will make the interviewee feel that it is a greed for money, so friends whenever you are asked this question, how did you know about this job?

How to Answer ?

In such a situation, you have to give a little Uniqe answer to it, like - Sir, I needed a job, yesterday I was searching for online jobs, I had given about your company too. There was a vacancy for this post in your company, and whatever qualifications have been sought in this job, it is all in me, a friend can tell you like this. Other Point Friends, you can say that you have come to know about this job from your friend.

4. What do you know about this work? Why choose this job? Why do you want to make a career in it? 

The interviewer wants to know from this question how serious and interested you are for this job, people say that parents have dreams to fulfill, there is a lot of money in this job or sister To get married, such answers give wrong impression and the interviewer thinks that you want to do this job not for your desire or interest but for greed and compulsion.

How to Answer ?

Sir, I am all known about this work. It was my dream to choose this job and make it my career. I will take the company I work with to the heights.

5. Tell something Special about Yourself? Why should this Company take you?

Through this question, the interviewer tries to know how positive you are, checks your mood, many people answer it like I am very hardworking, I work late even during holidays etc., this answer It is very common and it seems that you do not manage your time properly.

How to Answer ?

I always try to do the work right and better, I do all my work with hard work, mix with people very soon, I am going to take the team along, if I give such answers, it would be better.

6.Tell us about any Weaknesses?

By this question it is checked that you are lacking in what you are lacking and if you give a reverse answer to this, you can also miss the job, if you will say that I get angry very quickly, hunger is felt very soon, then obviously It is a matter of fact that it gives wrong impression.

How to Answer ?

Even if you do not answer this question, you will get wrong impression, so answer this question like this - if I do work by planning sometimes, it takes a little more time to improve it. My English is weak, but I try every day to improve it.

7. How much Salary do you Expect from this Company?

The person interviewing this question wants to see in the person giving the interview, that he is the candidate of the post, he has not come due to any greed. In such a situation, 14000-15000 candidates or those who have thought that such salary will be fine for that post, but if the candidate asks for more salary than that, then it reduces the chances of his selection.

How to Answer ?

In response to this question, the candidate should answer it in such a way that I am new in this field, I do not have any experience in it, but I am well aware of this work. I will accept the salary that will be given to new candidates at this post in your company.

But if you have experience, then you can say that I am an experienced Sir, I have worked in this post for 2 years and I used to get 18000 salary in the company, then give it what you feel is right, that is why the candidate says so , Because he knows that the experienced candidate will be given a salary of 18000 or 16000 if the interviewer is good, because he also knows that he has experience, this work, but on the contrary one of the interviewer The question also asks,

8. Why did you Leave the Job?

In this question, the interviewer tries to know what happened after that, he left the job from there. Many candidates say, Sir, my salary was low there, I had a fight there, if you give such answers, then the interviewer will think that you are the most fighting person.

How to Answer ?

In response to this question, you have to say that the environment there was not good, there was no one working together. I was looking for a job in a company with a good and good environment, which I got here by speaking like this, the front person will definitely impress you.


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