What a Father said while giving his Son a Watch before Dying.

A Father gave his Son A Watch before Dying and Said that this Watch is more than 200 Years Old.

Written By Rohit Kumar.

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About Inspiration Story.

Father said that before giving you this watch, I want to know the price of this watch right now, you take it to the watch store and tell the shopkeeper how much he will pay for this watch, son went to the watch store and then Came to his father and said that the watchman said that he will pay 300 ₹ because it is old.

The father said go to the gift shop, the son went to the gift shop and then came back to his father and said that the shopkeeper said he would pay 350 ₹, then the father said take it to a big businessman and show it to him. The boy goes back to the businessman and then tells his father that the father has told 550 the price of the businessman.

Then the father said go to the mall and show it to the watch boy. The boy goes to the mall and shows the watch, comes back to the father and says that the mall people have valued it at Rs. 800. The father said go to the museum and show the clock, the son went to the museum and then came to his father, and told his father he offered me 10 lakh rupees for this watch,

Father said, I wanted to tell you that the right place values your value in the right way, do not place yourself in the wrong place. Those who do not value you, then in a place where your work and values are appreciated, you should not stay in a place which does not suit you and your work.

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