Father's Day Special, Happy Father's Day My Lovely Dad.

Father's Day Special, Happy Father's Day My Lovely Dad.

I Love You My Lovely Dad.

Beautiful Story-


Title - How does a Man become a Father from A Man.

Night - Midnight, with the wife awake, changes the baby's diaper, and revolves around raising the child at the waist, silencing it, telling the wife you will put it to sleep, then the man becomes the father of the man . Walking with friends, partying, when a man starts getting dull and feet run towards home, then a man becomes a father to a man.


When the wife narrates the news of becoming a mother herself and hearing that news, tears of joy start dripping from her eyes, then the man becomes a father from a man, a creature given a few pounds wrapped in cloth by a nurse, makes him feel the heavy burden of responsibility, Man becomes father from man.

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We have never learned to stand in a line, always the ticket taker in black, the child starts standing in the line at 7 am in earnest to get the form of school admission, then the man becomes a father to a man who remembers the interview Kumbhakaran in the morning. Ho and when he woke up again and again in the night to see that my hand or foot did not come over the child and started to take full care in sleeping, then the man becomes a father from a man.

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In reality, when a person slams the front with a single slap, when the child is crushed to the ground by a delicate slap of the child in a false fight, "man becomes father to man", even if he is less educated or illiterate After coming home from work, children should seriously say 'do education, have done homework or not', then a man becomes a father from a man.

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My father is my friend. Identify the shade of your life, always keep the arm as old as the tree, value it more. Because no matter how old the tree is, it does not leave shade.

Why are You Celebrate Father's Day?

Father's Day was implemented in the US long after Mother Jarrow was introduced by Ana Jarvis in 1908, it was not easy that it took many years for the father to leave, as it was accepted as a day Was, celebrated as Father's Day. It took many years and many years for it to be accepted and recognized as a real holiday, let's get it in the first few days Father's Day was celebrated. It was a very small celebration and it didn't spread because it Not being promoted it began in 1907 at a church in West Virginia when a terrible mining accident occurred in Mononga, 250 fathers lost their lives, losing a child.

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Her father said that the pastor of the Central United Methodist Church organizes one way or another to honor and remember everyone. The father, who lost his life in the accident, who agreed to carry out the incident, however went unnoticed outside the city and did not stop there since the incident proceeded rapidly in 1910. Me and a woman 

named Sonora Dodd hear about Mother's Day for the first time and wish for a similar day in honor of the father, as well as he told his fathers of his idea and he admitted that he had a sermon on the third Decided that the Sunday of June lasted for a few years and Dodd continued to promote this day until 1920 when he went to school and Father's Day faded once again, in the 30s Dodd started promoting it and a Father again started trying to get people from Father.


This time of the day he was also helped by various companies since they would benefit from the sale of gifts. This has been going on for many years. I was not really accepted as a holiday, even though Mother's Day was for many years. Years later in 1957, a Senator Margaret Smith wrote to Congress how it was wrong to just celebrate the mother and not the father but nothing really came out of it until President Lyndon Johnson made the President's manifesto. Not Made The honor was awarded in 1966 to honor all fathers on the third Sunday of June, but not until 1972 when President Nixon finally declared it a national holiday and accepted it as a rule Gaya and it was actually recognized as a holiday.

Beautiful Lines for Father :- 

My father is the person in the world in whom my life lives ... Those people earn a little, but for me they have added more than the heart. Never let any lack of feeling make me feel that I have fulfilled my every thought before the time. They have fulfilled all the dreams that I have stored. My father is the only one who can spend my nights to fulfill my dreams. I have not slept, whatever I am today, I am the change of my father, there is nothing more for me than my father, that is my greatest wealth. What gift should I give my father today? Should I give flowers as a gift or should I give Gulabo a necklace? I shall give my life only the love that is the most in my life.

Best Wishes :-

* You may complete one year. Thanks for always being there, Dad. happy Father's Day!

* I am filled with gratitude for your presence in my life and you have no day like today to express it. Happy Father's Day, Dad!

* Happy Father's Day to all those fathers who are patient, loving, devoted, hard-working, generous and funny.

"You're the best, Dad. I love you!"

"I'm proud to be your son."

"Dad, you are in all my favorite memories."

“Dad, you are still the one I think of first when I have a question about something or when I just need some support and good advice. Thank you for always being there for me. "

"Happy Father's Day to the man who taught me how to step and throw, how to field grounder, how to follow and every other important thing I know about baseball and living!"

"Happy Father's Day to the man who stunned all my homecoming and prom dates ... and who still treats me like a princess!"

"You taught me many important things that I know — including some choice words for certain situations."

"Thank you every day just for the love and guidance I need."

"You are me and only Dad, and you will always have a special place in my heart for me."

"God gave me such a nice gift when he gave it to you for a father."

"You have fun growing up."

“Thank you for the example we set and for your leadership in our family. We Love You, Dad! "

"We can never hide how much we love you, father. Not even a duck with camo in the blind! "

"With you, Dad, Father's Day means lots of delicious grilled things and lots to celebrate for our family!"

"So glad we all share such fun times with Daddy together."

"We praise your good man and wonderful father."

"As a father, as a father-in-law, as a grandfather - you are the best, and we think you have!"

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