Real Story of Amazon. || Story of Success.

Real Story of Amazon, Jeff Bezos.

Written By Rohit Kumar. 

Friends, today I am going to talk about Amazon, the world's largest online shopping site. Friends, today you will know about Amazon in this post. Read the post in full and thank you for not forgetting to fill in your feedback form. Now we come to the story.

 Amazon Company Success Story.

Beginning of the Story.

Amazon.com Founder Jeff Bezos

Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos, who recently surpassed Microsoft founder Bill Gates, has become the world's richest person. Due to the rise in Amazon shares, Bezos's financial and non-financial assets were valued at around US $ 90.5 billion. When Bill Gates had US $ 90 billion in assets.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now the richest person in modern history

How to Slipped than back to 2nd Place.

However, Bezos slipped back to second place shortly after, as Amazon's increased share was reduced again. Now Bezos changed the way people shop by establishing Amazon.com. Whatever you need online, charge and have the goods on your doorstep, that too at affordable prices from the market, Jeff's thinking brought him to the point that his name is counted among the richest people today. Friends Jeff may be the owner of billions of trillions today, but he also faced many difficulties in his life. Bezos, who was born in the stomach of a minor mother, and his father left him destitute at the age of 18 months. Later, he studied under the umbrella of stepfather, then stayed at Nana's place, spent his holidays, and then quit a good job and jumped into online business.

So friends, we know this journey of Bezos ups and downs from the Beginning.

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Birth of Jeff and His Mother and His Story.

Jeff Bezos was born on 12, January 1964 in New Mexico, USA. His mother was studying at Jacklyn, High School when he was born, and was only 17 years of age. His father's name was Jorgens, who left him and his mother destitute at just 18 months old. After which Jacklyn ie, her mother, held her alone for a few years, and then when she was four years old, Jacklyn remarried to a man named Vivoi Bezos, after which Jeff began to keep his surname Bezos. After marriage, his entire family shifted to Vistal Shift, then Vivoi started working as an engineer there.

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Learning New Things.

Friends, Jeff was fond of learning new things from the very beginning. They would open their toys and separate them, and then add them. Actually they wanted to know how any thing works. He was very different from the children of his age from the beginning. Jeff did his early studies with the RIVER OAKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, and he spent his holidays with his maternal grandfather. He improved himself in technology from the beginning. He also made an electric alarm to protect his room from his siblings in childhood.

Jeff Bezos Study.

Later his family shifted to Niamey City, Theorita, where he started his studies from Palametto High School. While studying at Palametto, he also participated in the Science Tanning Program of the University of Theorita, where he was awarded the Silver Knight Award in 1982.

Jeff Bezos Intelligent Student.

Friends, Jeff has always been counted as an intelligent student, he always kept his attention in the books since school days, but this became a cause of concern for his parents, so he started teaching football to Jeff. did.

International Student Internship Program (ISIP) at Princeton ...

After that Jeff Studying Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University. 

Bezos later earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University. After graduating in 1986, Bezos worked in the field of computer science at Wall Street. After this he also worked in a company called Fitel. But after working in many more companies, he thought how long he would work for others. So he made up his mind to start his own business. After which he traveled to many cities in America, and knew the needs of the people closely. After all, it was found in their survey that the demand for internet is increasing very fast, and if business is to be started in this area, then success is bound to be found. In 1994, he quit his decent job, and made his first move to online business from his home garage, where he started selling books.

Friends Jeff also thought about selling books online because he himself was very fond of books.

He Started the Company with 3 Computers and a Few Employees.

He started the company with 3 computers and a few employees. Jeff's parents also assisted him fully. But he did not understand Jeff's business model, because at that time he did not know much about the Internet, but he had full faith in Jeff.

Jeff Bezos 53 Inspiring Quotes in Hindi - Founder Of Amazon.Com

Finally Jeff Bezos Named his Company, Amazon.

Jeff first named his company Cadabra, but later changed it to relentless.com in a few months, but this name was not liked by his friends, so in 1995, he named his company Amazon.com. Which was based on the name of a river in America.


Kindle vs paper books - YouTube

Within just 2 months of starting the business, Amazon sold his books in more than 45 countries, and his sales reached US $ 20,000 each week, and this is what Jeff and his company have never looked back on. Neither looked back, and in the future, countless goods were disposed of on the common man.

Amazon launched an eBook Reader Market Called Amazon Kindle.

Amazon then became the world largest online shopping site in the world. Meanwhile, an important day in the company's history came in November 2007, when Amazon launched an eBook reader market called Amazon Kindle. With which the books could be downloaded and read immediately, the company benefited greatly. This program increased sales of one Kindle, and sales of books read in other Kindle readers also increased. This was very convenient for the customers, as they no longer had to wait for the book to arrive, the desired book would come to them within minutes.

Personal Life.

Talking about Jeff's personal life, he married Mackenzie in 1993, with whom he has 3 sons, in addition to this he has also taken a girl. Friends spend about 13 crores every year on security of common man Jeff and his family, but still Jeff's wife leaves the office to Jeff himself after leaving the children, and Jeff also gives full time to his wife and children.

Bezos Jeff Sir, You Are Really Great.

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