Real Story of Apple Company. || Story of Success.

Real Story of Apple Company. 

Story of Success. ( Steve Jobs )

Friends, Today I'm going to tell you, I am going to tell the Real Story of the Apple Company. How did this company come in the market, what kind of problems did this company face. How the CEO of this company, Steve Jobs, made this company reach heights. What problems did they face in this company. Apart from this, he launched a company, you will know its full history today. To know about Apple, read this post completely, Thank You.

 Apple Company Success Story.

Beginning of the Story.

Positive Thinking by Steve Jobs.


Remember that I will die very soon. I am most helpful in taking the big decision of my life, because once I think of death, all hope, all pride, fear of failure disappears, and only that remains I must. This is to say the world's most influential entrepreneur Steve Jobs. Who, on the strength of their struggle, achieved that position, which is not the case of everyone.

World's Motivational Speaker Also.

Co-Founder of Apple Company, this American not only knows the world as a successful Entrepreneur, Businessman and Inventor, but he also has many high status among the World's Motivational Speakers.

Personal Life.

Steve Jobs was born on 24 February 1955 in California. Steve's mother gave birth to Steve while studying in college, and by then she was not married to anyone. For this reason, she did not want to keep Steve with her, and they decided to adopt Steve.

Steve was Adopted by Pol & Kalra Jobs.

Wall Art - All I Ask Is That Today, You Do The Best Work Of Your ...

Steve Jobs was adopted by Pol and Kalra Jobs, who live in California. Pol and Kalra were from the middle class family, and did not have much money, and still met all of Steve's needs, and taught him in the best and most expensive school. Steve attended elementary school at the Monta Lomba School, and in 1972 took his college education to Reed College, Oregon, which was the most expensive college there. Because of which their parents could not pay their college fees even after every try.

Steve Jobs Left College and Sold a Bottle of Cold Drinks Over the Holidays.

Even Steve did not see his family in trouble. He started selling bottles of cold drinks over the weekend to earn money, and due to lack of money, went to a nearby temple to eat free food there, sleeping downstairs in his friend's rooms to save his hotel fare. Used to go Despite doing so much, the entire fees could not be added, and seeing his parents working hard, he could not stay away from them and he left college.

Apple Company Started at the Age of 20.

After this he started spending all his time on his already thoughtful business. Steve, along with his school friend Buzniat, prepared the Macintosh operating system in a small garage at his father's, and wanted to build a computer named Apple to sell the operating system software, but due to lack of money, he Could not do this. He was overcome by his friend Mike Murkulla, and then in 1976 he started the Apple company at the age of 20.

He was Forced to Leave the Company in 1985 After his Colleagues didn't Like him.

Dive Into Inspiration With These Quotes By Steve Jobs

With the hard work of Steve and his friends, in a few years, the Apple company had grown from a small garage to a company with $ 2 billion and 4,000 employees. But Steve's achievement did not last long. The popularity of the Apple company started to decline due to his partners not liking him and many listening to each other, and slowly the company got into debt, after which a meeting of the Board of Directors took place and all the friends in it were convicted as guilty. He was forced out of the company in 1985. This was the saddest moment of his life, because the company he had built with so much hard work and perseverance, he had fired him. The condition of the company was becoming worse as Steve left

After Leaving the Apple Company, Steve Jobs Created 2 Companies and both were Successful.

A few years after Apple's exit, Steve started two companies named Next-ink and Pikler and was also Very Successful.

Steve Jobs Rejoins Apple Company and Joins Pixler Company with Apple.

Apple was slowly sinking, and seeing this, Apple's Board of Directors urged Steve Jobs to join the company. Steve Jobs rejoined the Apple company in 1996, and joined Pixler with Apple.

Steve Jobs CEO of Apple.

Steve now became CEO of Apple. When Steve came back to Apple, Apple had around 250+ products at that time. He increased the number to 10 in a few years after his arrival, and started focusing on just 10 products.

Key of Success.

He believed that "Quality Product is the Key of Success" should focus on quality rather than quantity of products.

In 1998, Apple Company Launched 3 Products. 

In 1998, he launched the I-Mac in the market, which became quite popular and after that Apple never looked back, and then launched I-Ped and I-Phone as well.

Steve Jobs Died.

Steve Jobs died on 5 October 2011 in California due to pancreatic cancer. But even today his popularity is intact as before.

Steve Jobs Says.

Steve says that people who think this crazy, that they can change the world, really change the world.

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