Real Story of Facebook || Who is the Real Owner of Facebook.

Real Story of Facebook.

Who is the Real Owner of Facebook.

Journey from Zero to Become a Billionaire.

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Who is Real Owner of Facebook.

If you are asked the question, who made Facebook, then perhaps you will also name Mark Zuckerberg. Not only you, 99% of Facebook users also believe that Facebook was discovered by Mark Zuckerberg, but after reading this article, you will also know that the person who created Facebook is actually an Indian, and Zuckerberg By fraudulently stealing the idea of ​​Facebook, he got his name registered

Facebook was Created by Divya Narendra.

Divya Narendra is not a very well known name for Hindus, but it is 100% true that Facebook was created by Divya Narendra, you can do the truth on Google, you will get hundreds of videos which are clearly It is said that the real founder of Facebook is Divya Narendra.


World's most Trusted Website Wikipedia, Say's

Wikipedia's new 'page preview' feature to make browsing easy - The ...

Even Wikipedia, the world's most trusted website, has clearly written on how Mark Zuckerberg manipulated Facebook to cheat Divya Narendra.


Personal Life, Real Owner of Facebook.

Divya Narendra: The Indian-Origin Man Who Sued Mark Zuckerberg For ...

Divya's parents were an Indian and after getting married they settled in America. Divya was born on 18 March 1982 in New York. Divya is an American citizen of Indian value. Divya's parents were doctors, and like other Indian parents, she wanted to make Divya a doctor, but Divya did not approve of it. He had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. After going through all the struggles, he was successful in doing so and after the 2008 US court verdict, it was confirmed that the idea of ​​Facebook, the world's largest social networking site, was Divya Narendra.

Facebook was born during the Harvard Connection Social Sites Creation Process.

Facebook's 3D photos can now be made using single-camera phones ...

Actually Facebook was born during the Harvard Connection Social Sites Creation process. Divya grew up on the Harvard project, and Mark Zuckerberg joined the project only a long time later as an advisor. But they cleverly stole the project, and later got the domain named Facebook.

The University Management Intervened in the Matter, and Advised Divya to Go to Court.

Meanwhile, Divya and her friends also got into a heated confrontation with Mark Zuckerberg, but later the university management intervened in the matter, and advised Divya to go to court. Divya sued Zuckerberg in a US court in 2004. The decision also came in favor of Divya and her friends. Zuckerberg had to pay $ 650 million in damages. But Divya was not satisfied with this, arguing that Facebook shares were priced in the markets at that time, accordingly she was not awarded damages. He said that the amount of damages should be decided based on the current market price of Facebook.


Divya Filed the Case Again in 2008.

Divya Narendra, Facebook Forefather, on Profit, Perjury and Parties

Recently, Gold Men's Snatch valued Facebook's market value at $ 50 billion, so Divya sued once again in 2008. But the US court upheld the previous verdict. If the American court is seen in the mirror, the fame that Mark Zuckerberg got today, the rightful founder of Facebook was Divya Narendra. In spite of all this Narendra did not give up and he created Investors Company Sumzar and launched it in 2008 and then finally those who know our Indian real Indian history, will understand very easily that the inventions made by Indian It is an old habit of Britishers to steal and spread their name in the world. Of course, whether it is to make mercury, to make paper, to do plastic surgery or to make a telephone by Jagdish Chandra Basu, or in the end…

Share this article as much as possible so that people can know that Facebook was created by an Indian and not by any British.

Even if friends have fraudulently registered their name on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, friends, in this article today, I would like to tell you something about Mark Zuckerberg as well -


Friends, thousands of people are born in the world, but some people are born to change the world.
Mark Zuckerberg is also a name that has touched such heights in his life, where reaching for a normal person is like a dream. Every youth today wants to be like Facebook's current founder, Mark Zuckerberg.


Mark Zuckerberg, Personal Life.

Mark Zuckerberg warns about Facebook 'becoming arbiters of truth ...

Mark Zuckerberg was born on 14 May 1984. Mark was very fond of computers since childhood. Because of which he started writing computer programs from a young age. His father was very helpful in programming him. But Mark's mind was so sharp that he could not answer his questions, which led to him calling a computer teacher who taught Mark daily computer programming.


Mark Made a Messenger at the Young Age of 12.

Facebook secretly deleted Mark Zuckerberg's messages from user ...

Mark's sharp intelligence can be gauged from the fact that at a young age Mark used to spread his computer teacher too. Even his experienced teachers are unable to answer his words. Mark made a messenger at the young age of 12, which he named Juke Net. He used Zook Net to talk from his home to his father's clinic. Friends used to make full games at the time children learn to play computer games.


Mark Zuckerberg Admission at Howard University.

Mark later took admission at Howard University. Mark was also a very intelligent student there. Seeing his intelligence, people started calling him as a programming expert.


Mark Zuckerberg Created a Website Called Facemash.

During college time, there used to be a Facebook name book containing photos and details of all the college students. Thinking of something similar, Mark Zuckerberg created a website called Facemash. The special thing of this website was that it used to compare the photos of boys and girls face to face, that who is the hottest in it. The funniest thing in this website was that Mark had hacked the Harvard University website to collect photos of girls for this website, which was considered the strongest website of the time. Facemash was very popular among college students, but some college girls objected to it as objectionable, causing Mark to hear scolding.


In 2004 Mark Created A Website Called The Facebook.

How to Build a Website 2020 | The Complete Beginner's Guide

In 2004 Mark created a website called The Facebook. So far this website was famous only in Howard, but slowly this website started being liked in other universities as well.


The Facebook's Popularity was Increasing Day by Day.

The Facebook's popularity was increasing day by day, and after seeing this, Mark dissaid that Facebook would not only be able to be used by not only students but people all over the world, and thus Mark left his college in between, and Having gathered his team, he started working on this website with all the hard work.

In August 2005, the The Facebook website was Renamed to Facebook Only.

Facebook - all the news and updates - The Sun

In August 2005, the The Facebook website was Renamed to Facebook Only. there were millions of business pages and profiles on Facebook. Now the time had come when Facebook was going to rule the whole world. By 2011, this website had become the largest website in the world and Mark Zuckerberg had become the king of the Internet world with his dedication and hard work. When Mark made Facebook size, he was just 19 years old, and at such a young age, he put all the people around the world together, and today Mark is one of the world's youngest billiners. Friends, in the end I would just like to say that "The person who has hope and confidence for success, the same person reaches the top.


February 4, 2004
16 Year Ago In Cambridge,

Income Of Facebook

Revenue-$70.697 Billion Us Dollars
Operating Income-$23.986 Billion Dollars
Net Income-$18.485 Billion Dollars
Total Assets-$133.376 Billion Us Dollars.

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