Amit Bhadana, Real Life Story.

Amit Bhadana Success Story.

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Amit Bhadana, Youtuber

Friends, who does not know Amit Bhadana, the famous Youtuber all over India, for his outlandish dialogue and home-style videos, in fact, his rimings along with the comedic comedy "Master too, do not read it, my name is Amit Bhadana". Cooks, and in today's time Amit is counted as one of the biggest YouTubers in the entire world. Amit Bhadana is the No. 1 Youtuber (Individual) at the Subscriber's Count in India. He Along with his College Friends Shoot Video for Youtube. So that his friends are also Earning Millions.
Amit Bhadana Net Worth is Doubling every year. If we talk about 2019, Amit Bhadana Annual Income was  Rs. 1-2 Crores which have gone beyond 5 Crores in 2020.

Amit Bhadana is an Inspiration for People

However, dubbing would start Amit Bhadana's career at such a height, even Amit himself did not know this. But through his hard work and struggle, Amit did something that he became an Inspiration to the common people, and friends, today we are also going to know in this article, The success story of Amit Bhadana, who is counted among the biggest Youtubers of India, how Amit has achieved this stage after facing many struggles.

Personal Life

Friends, this story begins from 7 September 1993 when Amit Bhadana was born in Bulandshahr, UP. His father's name is Narendra Bhadana, and mother's name is Munesh Devi.

Amit Bhadana Came to Delhi and Completed his Studies

However, a few years after his birth, Amit Bhadana's father had a transport business and had to come to Delhi with his entire family, and then came to Delhi and did his early education at a school in Yamuna Vihar, Delhi. Although Amit did not seem to have much interest in writing, but under pressure from his family, he also studied law after finishing school and graduation, and friends, since childhood, Amit is a naughty child. Used to make others laugh a lot as well, but he himself had no idea that this habit could make him famous all over India.

Amit Bhadana's Border movie Dubbing Video goes Viral

However, during the first semester holidays of a college, he took a video from his phone and dubbed his comedy in it, and then shared the created video on his Facebook profile, although this video was for fun. Uploaded, but he got a very good response from people, and then when he opened his Facebook profile again, he saw that many videos and comments have come on his videos, and after seeing this, Amit has now continuously released many videos Started dubbing, and friends one of those videos became very viral in a dubbing of Border Movie, and then a friend of Amit's gave him a suggestion that he should make his own songs and put them on YouTube. With which they will get money along with popularity.

Amit Bhadana's Fear of Facing the Camera

Although at first Amit was afraid to come on camera, but his friends encouraged him, and then before making a video of himself, Amit watched more scenes and comedy videos so that he could easily face the camera.

Riddling of Videos of Amit Bhadana

But when he started sifting through videos, he found that many people make videos that can't be seen with the family, because he used to talk loudly or even misbehave with them to make the audience laugh. Were. He watched it all, then decided that he would make comedy videos that people could watch with his family.

Uploading of Amit Bhadana's First Video to YouTube

Friends, this is the only way to become famous on YouTube, that you do something different from the crowd and once you took the decision, Amit decided to make videos in his own language, and then he made the first video and uploaded it to YouTube. gave. Although the views on the videos were very low in the initial days, but slowly people joined with Amit Bhadana.

Amit Bhadana's Family gets to know, Amit Bhadana makes Videos

When the news of Amit Bhadana's family came to know that Amit Bhadana is making videos, he left all this and advised Amit Bhadana to focus on studies and all those people wanted Amit Law to study and a lawyer As a career, and friends Amit also never wanted to make his family members unhappy. Therefore, after finishing his graduation, he also took admission for law degree.

Amit Bhadana to give a Positive Message to the Society through his Video

He still did not stop making videos and whenever he got time, he used to go out to make videos, but friends used to make fun of him whenever Amit Bhadana used to go out with camera in the early times. . However, after being successful today, his same friends request him to take a selfie with him, and friends handle their own video script writing as well as video editing and all the other work by Amit himself, sometimes his uncle's boy video editing He helps them, and the special thing about Friends Amit Bhadana's videos is that he also tries to give a positive message to the society through his videos.

Amit Bhadana count of India's Largest Youtubers

Friends, the language which people were hesitant to speak as the language of the villages, made Amit different from others, and brought him to the count of India's largest Youtubers. Friends, you can guess Amit's success by looking at his Subscribes and Views, hope you must have liked this story of Amit Bhadana.

Some Basic Information.

Amit Bhadana Joined YouTube - 24 October, 2012.

Amit Bhadana Current Subscribes - 21.3M

Amit Bhadana Current Views - 1,709,708,498 Views.

Amit Bhadana Business Email - Amit@brandzup.media

Amit Bhadana Video's :- 77 Video's

Border Movie Dubbing Video By Amit Bhadana 

Amit Bhadana 1st Video on YouTube

Title - Exams Be Like, Boards Preparation be like.

Published Date - 1st March, 2017. 

Amit Bhadana Latest Video

Title - Crazy Angrezi - Amit Bhadana.

Published Date - 6th September, 2020.

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