Ashish Chanchlani, Success Story.

Ashish Chanchlani (YouTuber) Success Story.

Friends, as you must have understood by looking at the title of the article, today we will tell you about Ashish Chanchlani about his personal and professional life and how he decided to come to YouTube and why to make YouTube his career. Think ?

Ashish Chanchlani, YouTuber

Friends, someone has told the truth, that "the harder the struggle, the better the victory" and has shown something similar, by Ashish Chanchlani, one of India's best known Youtubers. Who has made a different umpire from Comedy Videos on YouTube.

Although at one time Ashish Chanchlani was forced out of the stage place due to his obesity, but how he won the hearts of everyone and made millions of people crazy about his comedy, in this article today we will know the whole story.

Personal Life

Friends, this story begins from 7 December 1993 when Ashish Chanchlani was born in Ullas Nagar, Mumbai. His father's name is Anil Chanchlani, who has a multiplex in Mumbai, and his mother's name is Deepa Chanchlani, who works as a financial analyst, besides a sister named Muskan Chanchlani. She is also a YouTuber who runs a YouTube channel called Miss Micblush

Ashish Chanchlani's Dream

Friends, we should talk abouMt Ashish, he was very fond of films since childhood, and his dream was that he grew up to become an actor, and Ashish was also very impressed with Bollywood player Akshay Kumar, and he gave Akshay Kumar Had agreed to be his guru.

Ashish gets Scolded after being caught while Mimicry of Teacher

Though he paid a lot of attention to writing as well as his passion for acting, but from the beginning he was quite shy, as well as being a bit obese in health, he did not get a chance to participate in the school fun. But Ashish was very enthusiastic for acting from the beginning, and likewise, when he was miming a teacher in his class room one day, he was seen by some school staff and then he had to copy them Had also read the scolding.

Ashish Chanchlani Participating in Functions

However, he was very impressed with his acting, and that is why he asked Ashish to participate in school functions and then Ashish was given a dialogue script to perform a character, but friends Ashish Once only read the dialogues and then presented the lines in front of the changing people in their own way, and then all the staff of the school were quite impressed with Ashish's performance. At the same time, Ashish Chanchlani also received a lot of encouragement from this play, and then Ashish also got a chance to participate in school functions in the same way.

Thinking about Ashish's Career in Acting

He also entertained people with his acting and funny style. However, the acting worm did something inside Ashish in such a way that after high school, Ashish told his father that he did not mind writing his studies, and he later went into acting Want to make a career.

Anil Chanchlani Explained the Importance of Education to his Son

However, Ashish's father knew well that acting career is not so easy, and without writing, it becomes even more difficult, and then Anil Chanchlani explained the importance of education to his son, And then Ashish also understood that to get success in life, education is very important.

Learning Acting at Barry John's Acting School

Later, Ashish took admission in Datta Meghe College of Engineering, Mumbai, to study civil engineering, after passing a good number of 12 classes, although he did not feel much in his studies even while studying engineering, but Once again, he continued his studies after convincing Mummy Papa, but also improved himself while learning acting at Barry John's Acting School.

Turning Point of Ashish's Life

Meanwhile, Ashish watched 6-second comedy Vines in his Facebook feed, and then after watching this comedy video, at first he kept laughing for a long time, but then he thought that he too should make such videos, and friends. Time became TURNING POINT of Ashish's life, because now Ashish too started making many comedy videos and then posting on his social media account.

First Video upload to YouTube in 2014

He started with Facebook and Instagram, but later due to good response, he started uploading videos to YouTube in 2014 as well, and among them he was made the event head of his college, due to which he got many Hosted all events.

Ashish Chanchlani India's Fourth and Maharashtra's First Individual YouTuber

After becoming on YouTube, he became very famous day by day and his unique and funny content logo was very much liked. Friends, today Ashish Chanchlani is the fourth Indian YouTuber of India and the first individual YouTuber in Maharashtra, and friends. Apart from all this, Ashish has also featured his role model Akshay Kumar inside his video, and friends Ashish Chanchlani You can get an idea of ​​fan followers by looking at their Subscribes.

Follow your Passion and get Success

If Ashish had wanted, he could have lived a better life by helping his father's business, but he decided to do something bigger than himself and he succeeded by following his Passion.

Some Basic Information of Ashish Chanchlani.

Ashish Chanchlani Joined Youtube :- 7th July, 2009

Ashish Chanchlani Current Subscribers :- 20.6M

Ashish Chanchlani Business Email :- ashchanchlani@gmail.com

Ashish Chanchlani Current Views :- 2,314,877,332

Ashish Chanchlani Sis Muskan Youtube Channel :- Miss MicBlush

Current Video's :- 137 Video's

Ashish Chanchlani Social Media Links

Ashish Chanchlani 1st Video on Youtube

Title :-  how to annoy people who say "tu mere baap ko jaanta hai?"

Published Date :- 8th December 2014

Ashish Chanchlani Latest Video

Title :- The 20 Million Journey | Dedicated To All My Fans | Ashish Chanchlani & Team

Published Date :- 16th August, 2020

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