Meaning of Beauty. Motivational Story.

Meaning of Beauty. Motivational Story.

Beginning of the Story.

Friends, let me tell you about today's story, this article has four actors, Monika, Rakesh, Komal and Sandeep. Monika and Rakesh is husband wife and Komal and Sandeep is husband wife. It is told in this story that beauty is not of the face but of the mind, let's start the story,

Monica was a very beautiful and gentle girl. Monica's husband Rakesh was a manager in private industry. The marriage took almost a year. Monica and Rakesh lived very together.

Newlyweds Komal and Sandeep.

Yesterday, new tenants had arrived in the front flat, the flat was taken by newlyweds Komal and Sandeep. Komal was the owner of a completely white chitty, long hair and a very attractive face. Her husband Sandeep was also Hatta Katta, curly hair and good looks, and was a branch manager in a government bank.

Monica was Very Impressed, Komal & Sandeep.

Monica was very impressed with the pair of Komal and Sandeep. Both Komal and Sandeep were beautiful and soft-spoken, Monica would often tell herself, "What is lacking in me. I am not more beautiful than Komal, but why am I not able to find a smart husband like Sandeep? Sandeep and Komal both gathered." Looks so adorable while walking. My husband is black in color. More than half of his hair has fallen, I wish I had a husband like Sandeep…. "

Monica's Head was Hurting, Rakesh looks after him

Today Monica's head was hurting. Rakesh started massaging Monica's head, made hot hot tea for Monica and said, "Take hot hot tea too, the pain will be relaxed. I bring the head pain syrup from the chemist." Saying this, Rakesh went to the market.

Monica went to Komal's Flat to spend Time.

To pass the time Monica walked into Komal's flat, the door open. Monica was heard sobbing from the room adjacent. Monica started peeping inside under the cover of the curtain. Sandeep, who was smoked in alcohol, was beating Komal. The gentle sobbed, saying, "This is your daily work, now I am fed up, why don't you give up alcohol?"

Monica Realizes her Mistake

Monica was stunned and returned back foot. Rakesh had reached home, Monica grabbed Rakesh's hand. "Hey, are you hungry, let's go to the doctor now." Tears were seen in Monica's eyes. He embraced Rakesh. Today Monica understood what beauty means in life. Beauty is not in face but in the beauty of man.

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