Why PUBG Banned In such a situation, why did all this happen, and under what law and what is the intention behind the government doing this, you are going to know all this article, you will read the article completely.

Why PUBG and 118 Chinese Apps get Banned ?

Is it not us that PUBG is not stopped in India, but young youth of India are speaking. But what is the truth, you all know, if you do not know the truth, then you will read this article completely. Friends, now a big news has come to the fore, that is that PUBG, the most favorite game of boys of our country, has completely said goodbye. Wherewith 118 Chinese apps have been banned from India.

Hearing the real reason, no matter how big PUBG fans are, you will not talk about bringing PUBG again.

Friends, no matter how big a fan of PUBG you are, after listening to the real reason, you will not talk about bringing PUBG again and I am going to tell you about this in your article, my friend Rohit, friends, start without delay Let's do it, but before writing the article, if you have not shared the article with your friends then do it now.

On June 15, 20 Soldiers of our Country were Killed.

We all know that from the month of June, China was trying to infiltrate our country, this was going on for a long time, but the extent was reached when 20 soldiers of our country were killed on 15 June. went. In such a situation, the blood of every citizen of the country was uncovered, but opening blood does not do everything because we still use things that benefit China directly and indirectly, and that is why the government of our country On June 29, 59 Chinese apps, including Tiktok, were banned, though since then people were thinking that PUBG would also be shut down, because even though it has not been made in China, China's steak is in this app.

Thinking of China Occupying India and the Result.

Playing PUBG means reaching money to China indirectly, and the amount of money that China earns from our India country puts those money against us. For this reason, war is often fought on the outskirts, because obviously the stronger China is, the more it will try and take possession of India. As he tried to do earlier also. Seeing all these things, the government completely stopped the frills, which shared everything from Tiktok's dance songs to Shareit. But now it is obvious that when the boys running Tiktok will hit the girls playing hi PUBG, then it was bound to happen.

Government of India's decision to come to Market of 59 banned Apps Clones.

However, amid all these things, on July 27, 47 Chinese apps were banned. However, these were not some special apps, because the 59 apps which were banned on June 29 had come in the market of their clones, which were running fast and the government was back 47 to stop this thing. The application had to be banned and this process did not end here, on 5 August 2020, India banned some more Chinese apps from back. In this, many apps including Xiaomi's mobile company's own app and Baidu which is China's Twitter in a way, were closed.

Why PUBG was Targeted.

Now you will wonder why PUBG was targeted after so much, friends, do not worry because the Government of India has not done this work on its own here, but China itself forced them to do so. Actually, it happened that between 29-30 August, there was news from the Indian Army that an attempt was being made to infiltrate back. Now it is obvious that if there is such a gimmick then the Government of our India will not do any kind of cooperation to China in any way. Then, even if it is the help of the money earned from PUBG, today you can see the action of the Government of India within 3 days of this incident.

Friends, now we do not think that anyone will have any kind of problem when PUBG is banned. Because of course, children used to play PUBG with great hobbies and children were very fond of PUBG. But now no matter how much entertainment you get from it, it used to get good amount of money to China and the same money was used by China to strengthen its economy as well as military power.

What is the reason for Banning all Apps

The reason for banning all these apps is being considered as Data Security & Privacy, but we all know the real reason. So friends, if you too are crazy about PUBG, then before shedding tears for PUBG, think about the soldiers who are ready to give their life for you on the outskirts. Now, in such a situation, if we do not think for them, then who would think, because they are not so far away from their family that no XYZ should risk their lives by making WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER, so if you are still opposing the Government of India So don't do it because your own side is visible in this, and it is only and only because it can stop our country from becoming the world's biggest force, then it is only China, because China also has all that Is what we have, and if we will benefit from our own competitor, then we will go ahead, and friends, this PUBG app is not from China, it is from South Korea, it skates in China.

China gets Second Blow, What is that Second Blow?

Because of which you can see that China is trying to infiltrate India many times. Now think to yourself that Tiktok was trying to push from AD to Chauti to come back to India, the same China got the second shock. Now in such a situation, we do not think that there is any possibility of Tiktok coming to India. Now things can only be right when Tiktok breaks all his relationships with China.

PUBG is Back, Yes or No ?

Friends, do you think you will return to PUBG India or PUBG should come back to India, after reading the complete article, thank you in the comments box.

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