Technical Guruji, Success Story | Gaurav Chaudhary Biography.

Technical Guru, Success Story | Gaurav Chaudhary Biography.

Friends, in this article today, we will talk about a YouTuber who has achieved such a position on his knowledge and courage that the whole world is praised, yes I am talking about India's No.1 Tech YouTuber Gaurav Chaudhary. In whom people also know him by his channel name, Technical Guruji's name.

Gaurav Chaudhary World's 2nd  & India's 1st Largest Individual YouTuber

Friends, at present, Gaurav Chaudhary is the world's second largest and first individual tech YouTuber to rule India, and his fan following can be gauged by seeing his Subscribers.

Although Gaurav has missed and found many things in achieving so many successes, many times people have also tried to criticize and push them back. But he always rejoiced in his work and friends, in today's article, we are also going to know that the whole story of Gaurav Chaudhary, that is, Technical Guruji, that friends, how this boy born in Rajasthan earned a name all over India.

Personal Life

Friends, this story begins from 7th May 1991 when Gaurav Chaudhary was born in Ajmer city of Rajasthan. He did his early education from Kendriya Vidyalaya, and it is said that he was a good student in studies and he used to top his class.

Gaurav's Insistence on getting A Computer

However, with his focus in writing, he was also interested in gadgets, and similarly when he first saw the computer at the age of 5, he stubbornly tried to get it like a toy, and his The father also fulfilled his stubbornness and gave him a new computer.

Learning Activities on Computer at an Early Age

Then the desire for computer inspired Gaurav to learn something new, and at a very young age, Gaurav used to complete all the activities on the computer that his class children could not even imagine at that time. And then in high school he topped his school.

Gaurav's Brother to Set up Business in Dubai

However, later on she became involved with Tech, she started spending her time learning a lot of things, and then everything was going well in Gaurav's life by this time, and in the meantime his brother set up his business in Dubai. Had taken.

Gaurav's Father being an Accident and going into a Coma

But friends, something happened soon in Gaurav's life that left him shaken, and that incident also happened to be his father's accident, in which he was so injured that he had moved to Kauma.

Deciding to do Gaurav's Engineering

However, he did not lose courage even in this bad time while playing a lot of household responsibilities, and then he passed 12th class with very good numbers, and then he decided to do engineering while continuing his studies, And then he completed his studies in electronics from Rajasthan Technical University.

Gaurav's Father Dies and becomes Gold Medalist

Although things were now recovering to some extent that his father died, and then Gaurav was not able to come out of this shock, although he did move on anyway and then after completing his graduation He decided to study further by not taking a job, and then Gaurav moved to Dubai with his mother, who was already running his brother's business, and then joined BITS PILANI Campus after coming to Dubai. He did it, and then while studying there, he topped the micro-electronics, due to which he also became a gold medalist.

Taking Certificate from Dubai Police Security

Though later Gaurav also thought of pursuing MBA, but changing his mind, he decided to start his own business, and then with a certificate from Dubai Police Security, he opened a company related to micro security system, and friends with Gaurav Chaudhary Looking at the performance, it was sure that Gaurav would be successful in his work.

Achieve No.1 Title Inside Tech Category in India.

However, in addition to his business, he wanted to do some extras, and then Gaurav too opened up a YouTube channel of his own in October 2015, seeing many other tech channels, just like Technical Sharma. Sharma Jee Owner of the technical channel ie Parwal Sharma was Bichix Super Senior of Gaurav Chaudhary, and he guided Gaurav Chaudhary a lot since he made the channel, and then Gaurav continued to grow on his own hard work and soon he grew Doing it took the No.1 title inside India in the Tech category.

1 Million in 2017 and the same number of 10 Million Subscribers in November 2018.

Gaurav continued to work even after becoming the biggest Take YouTuber, and then touched 1 million in 2017 and 10 million subscribers in November 2018, and friends are also a big reason for the success that Gaurav always has He has been a consultant on his channel, apart from this, Gaurav has also created a channel named after himself, and this channel also has 3.93M Subscribers. I hope that you will definitely like this story of Gaurav Chaudhary Thank you for reading this Article.

Some Basic Information about Technical Guruji

Technical Guruji Joined YouTube - 18th October, 2015

Technical Guruji Current Subscribers - 19.1M

Technical Guruji Current Views - 2,189,732,533

Technical Guruji Business Email - gaurav@technicalguruji.in

Technical Guruji 2nd Channel - Gaurav Chaudhary

Technical Guruji Current Video's - 3.2K Video's

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Google Plus

1st Video on YouTube

Title - [Hindi] Technical Guruji Introduction | Know more about me

Published Date - 19th October 2015.

Latest Video on YouTube 

Title - Tech Talks #1243 - PUBG Permanent BAN, Realme Project S, OnePlus 8T 65W, Galaxy F41 on Oct 8, S20 FE

Published Date - 24th September, 2020

Second Channel Information 

Channel Name - Gaurav Chaudhary
Gaurav Chaudhary Joined YouTube - 7th May, 2014
Gaurav Chaudhary Current Subscribers - 3.94M
Gaurav Chaudhary Current View's - 185,969,862
Gaurav Chaudhary Current Video's - 122 Video's

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