Guinness Book of World Record Story

Guinness  Book of World Record Story 

Friends, today we will know the full story of the Guinness Book of World Records, how this book started, why did it come to the mind of the creator of this book to make the format of this book, so friends, do not delay much, today's article started Let's do.

Guinness World Record

Friends, what do people around the world do to get entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, yes it is a different thing that some of these people have a very brilliant way, while many people go to any extent very strange ways Adopt, since God has also made every human being unique, then some people naturally have such talents, which themselves carry them to the world record, and the information of such talent is known to the whole world. The book, to be published every year, is a reference book that we know as the Guinness World Record.

The Guinness World Record is Published in 37 Different Languages

This book incorporates basic achievements that are unique in the whole world, and another interesting thing about this book is that 100 million copies of the Guinness World Record Book Copyright Book Series were sold all over the world. Has gone, which is a world record in itself, and these books are published in 37 different languages, although the Guinness World Record is not a new word for all of us, but its history is very Few people know, so in this article of today, we know the entire journey of the Guinness World Record from the beginning.

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What is the Fastest Bird Game

Planning to make the Guinness World Record Book begins from May 1951, when a man named Sir Hugh Beaver went to a world shooting party in Ireland, and he joined an Argument, which was on Which is the fastest bird game in Europe, Cousin Golden Plover or Grouse, but by the end of this debate no exact answer could be found, as both these birds are known for their distinct characteristics.

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Guinness World Book became the Best Selling Book of British

The same evening, Sir Hugh Beaver realized that there are so many topics in the world, which are very difficult to proof, and then he thought why not create a book in which such records will be raised In 1954, Sir Hugh Beaver, along with Norris and Ross Mcwhirte, started working on the book, and friends Noris and Ross Basically were already owners of Fact Finding Agency in London. , And then by August 1954 the Guinness World Record became the first book to be printed, with a thousand copies printed, but by Christmas of 1955 the book became the best-selling British book

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Decided to make an Updated Edition of it Every Year

Later, after launching this book in the US, 70,000 copies were sold, and after seeing the increasing popularity of this book, the company decided to make an updated edition every year, updating the new records every year. This book was to be done, and later on for many decades this book became quite popular to the audience.

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Big Change in Guinness World Book in 1995

There was a major change in the format of this book in 1995, when images were added to this book in addition to text, and now this book becomes even more interesting with pictures, and some recent editions are seen, This book has a man focus, above Human Achievements, such as eating the most hot dogs in 10 minutes, playing the GTA game for the longest time, having the longest nails and having the most tattoos, in a similar way by thousands of competitions People want to get their names registered in this book.

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In the Guinness World Book, such Antries were Closed which Harmed Anyone

Although many rules are changed every year for people who enter their name in this book, like earlier most beer or alcohol drinkers were also given place in this book, but the reason for the loss to the people Also, such entries are no longer accepted, apart from swallowing the sword and rally driving on public roads are also considered to be in the interest of people, and now these entries have also been discontinued, and friends some worlds The categories of records were also removed because they were difficult to accurately measure.

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Many Tv Shows are also Broadcast above this Book

Guinness World Record wrote on its website that we will not accept any clam on top of beauty, because it is very difficult to measure accurately, in this condition the point of view of every human being is different, in such a situation There can be different Opinions, and Friends, on this book, many TV shows are also broadcasted, such as the Guinness World Record on Colors TV in India, in 2011, the TV program was called "Ab India Todaga". Apart from this, the book is cast through different TV shows in Australia, China, France, Germany, UK, Spain, US.

If you have a Quality Inside you that makes you Different from others, then you can Register by Visiting their Website

Along with this, the company has also given a franchise to build a small museum at some famous tourist place, where collections of Guinness World Record books will be kept and friends, there is something in you that makes you different from others. You can register by visiting their website. Hope you have liked this information related to Guinness World Record, comment and tell us, Thank You.

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