History of Indian Railway

 History of Indian Railway

Friends, many years ago, the British had stepped in with the intention of doing business in India, but here they showed them a country which they could rule with great ease, and then later on in this episode the property of India They also built a railway to plunder the. But who knew that this development to make India hollow from inside will become the lifeline of the people in the future, then friends will know the history of railways in this article how to spread the British for their own benefit. The railway tracks played an important role in India's independence.

Proposal for laying Railway line for the First time in Madras

Friends The story of the railway in India begins from 1832, when the proposal for the laying of the railway line was introduced in Madras for the first time, and then the first train in India was run in 1837 from Red Hill, Tamil Nadu, between Chintradapet. However, it was a freight train used to carry granite to build the building, and then in 1845 a dam was to be built over the Godavari River for which the Godavari Dame Construction Railway was built and it was used to build the train dame. Used to supply the stone to be brought in. However, till now railways were used only for washing goods in India.

The First Passenger train ran from Boribandar to the Thane on 16 April 1853.

But from 1850, the start of the passenger train was also raised and then the first passenger train of India was run from Boribandar to the police station on 16 April 1853, in which only 400 passengers boarded 14 coaches of the train and pulled these boxes. For this, 3 stream engines were installed, namely Sahib, Sindh and Sultan. Also, this train made 34 KM for the first time. The train which ran between Boribandar to Thane was extended to Kalyan in 1854, and thus formed the first pool of Indian Railways on the Ulhas River.

The British were Robbery India by citing the Development of the Country.

The construction of the railway was accelerated further, after which the railway tracks were laid in East India and also in South India, and now everybody could travel with ease in the whole of India and at the same time sending the British to any place anywhere. There was no problem in it, and in this way the British were looting India by citing the development of the country.

Lights and Toilets Installed in Passenger Trains from 1897 to 1909

Friends, you will be surprised to know that till 1897, there was no light in the coaches of the passenger train and that is why people had to spend the night in the dark, but for the first time in 1897, the work of putting light in passenger trains started, and then in 1909. The work of installing toilets in Indian trains was also started near.

Indian Railways Played an Important role to Liberate the Country

Friends, by now the time had come when India was fighting for its independence, and the train tracks across India had also accelerated the activities of the revolutionaries and then people from all over India traveling on the train Could also be assembled, and then due to the struggles of the brave soldiers, the British game was read completely upside down, and where they built the railway for their own benefit and the same Indian Railways played an important role and with the struggle of thousands of brave sons We got independence on 15 August 1947.

In 1951, Compulsory to Install Fans and Lights in Passenger Train

After independence, Indian Railways were divided into different zones to manage them well, Southern, Central and Western, and then in 1951, compulsory to install fans and lights in passenger train and then in 1956 the train would come. Sleeper class was also started in India.

Reservation and Computerized Ticketing Introduced for the First time in Delhi in 1986

Later, in 1986, for the first time since the beginning of many other changes, reservation and computerized ticketing was introduced in Delhi and in 1988, the Shatabdi train, a train going to Kohinoor somewhere of Indian Railways was started, from New Delhi to Jhansi. But later it was extended to Bhopal.

Indian Railways Launched Online Ticket Booking on 3 August 2002

Later on 3 August 2002, Indian Railways started online ticket booking through which the highest number of tickets are booked today and on 31 March 2017, Indian Railways announced that Indian Railways was fully electrified by 2022. Will go. Also, work has been started on running bullet trains in India.

Indian Railways is the Fourth Largest Railway Network in the World

Friends, today Indian Railways is the fourth largest railway network in the world after US, CHINA and RUSSIA and it is also very high in terms of employment and the number of people working in it is more than 1.308 million.

Indian Railways has seen India becoming India.

In conclusion, friends would like to say that the Indian Railways has seen India fighting against bad conditions, the Railways have seen India being liberated from the chains of slavery, the Indian Railways has seen India becoming India.

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