Real Story of Carryminati (Ajay Naagar)

Real Story of Carryminati (Ajay Naagar)

Friends, today I am going to tell you what is the story behind this success of Ajay Nagar who has created a scare on YouTube in the name of Carryminati, how will Ajay reach this stage, today we will know all that in this article.

The Success of Carryminati in 21 years

Friends say that a lot of failures are also behind the success, and there has been a similar story by Carryminati, one of the few most successful YouTuber's of YouTube. Those who are known to bring roasting culture inside India, and friends, I am saying this because before this hardly anyone would have done any work on such content in India.

However, it is not at all the case that Carryminati may have tried something for the first time and he succeeded. Actually, he had to face many failures behind this success too, and you will know all these things in this article further, but currently the video in Carryminati i.e. Ajay Nagar Past is very much discussed for YouTube Vs Tiktok, Because this video of him broke many records, and we are going to discuss this too, but let's know right now, Ajay Nagar of Carryminati i.e. touching many heights at the age of 21 The whole story of how Ajay went on to claim his career as a YouTuber.

Personal Life

Friends, this story begins from 12 June 1999 when Ajay was born in the Gujjar family of Faridabad district of Haryana, in addition to his parents, he also has an elder brother, who works as a Guiterist. .

Ajay's Studies and YouTube Channel at the Age of 10

If we talk about Ajay Nagar's early studies writing, then he did his studies from Delhi Public School, although he did not feel at all in writing, then at the age of 10-11, he made his channel on YouTube. Where he used to upload different types of videos, such as when he used to tell football tricks and sometimes put video game's recording on the same channel, and except for friends and education, Ajay had a lot of interest in all these things.

A channel Named STeaLThFeArzZ

Although he did not get a very good response on the channel named STeaLThFeArzZ and till that time none of his videos got more than 500 views, in fact, the main reason was that due to being very young, people got him Did not give much attention.

New Channel ADDICTED A1 at Age 15

Friends Ajay, as if from such a young age, had assumed that he had to do something big on YouTube, and so despite failing a channel, at the age of 15 he created a new channel called Carry ADDICTED A1 Raya and here he also used to do Gaming but at the same time he started doing funny commentaries like he used to mimic many Bollywood stars along with Sunny Deol and Hrithik Roshan.

Funny Commentary of Carryminati

Although, after many hard work, he uploaded about 150 videos on his channel in 2 years, but in the end it was understood that people used to come less to see Carryminati's Gaming but more to listen to his funny commentary, and that is why Since Ajay changed the name of his channel to Carry Deol and now Ajay Nagar used to roast small artists along with game play on his channel. Actually, he had taken this idea from the content already running abroad, but it was completely new in India and that is why people were also liking Carry.

YouTuber Bhuvan Bam's Roosting by Carryminati

Friends Carry's channel gained the most popularity when he roasted the fastest growing YouTuber BHUVAN BAM on his channel at that time, in fact BB KI VINES is famous today but at that time his popularity is growing very fast And then, with the courage, Carry roasted BHUVAN, then this video also got lakhs of views in a few days and then this channel of Ajay Nagar started growing very fast and friends this was the time when Ajay had his last Changed the name of the channel to CARRYMINATI and then when CARRY became a little successful, he also started doing facecamps and now he used to make people laugh with his different types of Expressions.

Supporting Parents in Carryminati's Passion

However, in the midst of all this, if he had forgotten his studies and then just before the 12th exam, he left his schooling and continued his studies from open school. However, in the passion of friends Carryminati, Carry ke Mummy Papa gave her full support, and it is probably due to her that Carryminati stands on this stage today.

Carryminati's Channel in Danger

Friends said that troubles in the path of success leave together, due to Roast on the people, there were many strikes on their channel, and friends were at one time that their channel was also in danger due to 3 strikes coming together. However, how could Carryminati come out of these problems and friends now Carryminati do the approval of most of the roasting people, and the truth about this is that Carry himself now knows, but it is a matter of fact that there are many in Roasting before him.

No one has been able to come for years, currently there are going to be 26M Subscribers on their channel, however apart from this, Carryminati also plays games on another channel called CarrysLive and their number of subscribers is going to be 8M there too.


Friends, now we talk about the video of YouTube Vs Tiktok title which has been uploaded on Carryminati's channel and has been deleted due to some problems in it, and yes friends, what was the reason behind making this video of Carryminati. , When Amir Siddiqui of Tiktok challenged YouTuber's to show him his place, Carry also took a dig at Amir Siddiqui and then made a roast video on Amir, although the video became so much more popular that it made many of YouTube's own records Broke down, as if it became a video made by Individual Creators of India, 

Which broke the speed of getting the fastest 1M bike in just 2 hours; And friends, this video became one of Carryminati's most liked videos because before that the record was with a song called Filhall which had 6.6M likes but before Carryminati's video was deleted by YouTube 8.5+ There were more likes than M, while YouTube Vs Tiktok Wali Due to Dio, Carry achieved around 1.3M in just 24 hours and this was the first time with any channel in the world and Carryminati has been breaking many records even further.

Carryminati Fan Following

YalgAar Video, The highest view of Carryminati, 167M views in 3 months. You can guess the success of Carryminati, fan followings by looking at their Subscribes and yes friends, in the end, I just want to say "If you want to get anything, then you will get it right soon. Have, I hope you liked this story of Carryminati.

Some Basic Information about Technical Guruji

Carryminati Joined YouTube - 30th October, 2014

Carryminati Current Subscribers - 25.9M

Carryminati Current Views - 1,837,167,717

Carryminati Business Email - workforcarry@gmail.com

Carryminati 2nd Channel - CarryisLive

Carryminati Current Video's - 171 Video's

Social Media Links





1st Video on YouTube

Title - COD GHOST RANT in Hindi

Published Date - 28th June 2015

Latest Video on YouTube 


Published Date - 4th September, 2020

Second Channel Information

Channel Name - CarryisLive

CarryisLive Joined YouTube - 8th January, 2017

CarryisLive Current Subscribers - 7.72M

CarryisLive Current View's - 75,240,172 View's

CarryisLive Current Video's - 647 Video's

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