Real Story of Doraemon, Children's Favorite

Real Story of Doraemon, Children's Favorite

Friends, no matter how powerful a super hero is, but children want friends like Doraemon from the beginning, and even some big people are not able to give up their favorite cartoon, so let's talk about this article Let's talk about the TV show Doraemon who ruled the cartoon world.

Whose craze has increased so much in today's time, that this Japanese cartoon is broadcast and dubbed in different languages ​​all over the world, and show in this cartoon series The friendship of the visiting Nobita and Doraemon, as well as the adventure children associated with them, is very much liked.

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Nobita's Bansaj Sends a Robot Cat to help Nobita.

Friends, this cartoon series is based on the basic Japanese comics written and produced by 2 artists named Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motu Abiko, and after working together for many years, both people are also known as Fujiko F. Fujio. , And the story of this series revolves between a cat from Future and a boy named Nobita, in which Nobita is a very common boy who is neither good in sports nor studies, so Future Bansaj of Nobita sends a robot cat to help Nobita, and this is called Doraemon.

Doraemon his Four Dimensional Pocket

Doraemon derives its future technology from its four dimensional pocket in a different way, which has been named gadgets in this series and these gadgets help Nobita to solve any problem, apart from this series also There are some interesting characters like Shizuka who is a very good friend of Nobita, and Nobita loves Shizuka, as well as characters named Gian and Suniyo in this series who act to harass Nobita, but trouble. If more comes, then they too come to help Nobita.

Launched as Animation from 1 April 1973

The original comics series of Doraemon was published from December 15, 1969 to June 23, 1996, in which a total of 1345 stories were produced and in the early stages people liked the comics series so much that it was also in the form of animation from April 1, 1973 in front of the logo Was presented.

3 Animation Series of Doraemon

Although 3 animation series of Doraemon have been made so far in which the first series was broadcast from 1 April 1973 to 30 April 1973, although the characters of Nobita and Doraemon in this series were not the same as they were in the comics, and so this series was just Closed within 5 months, and no copy of any episode of this series is available today.

The Second series which came from 2 April 1979 was Very Successful

The second series which came out from 2 April 1979 was very successful and the series was broadcast till 18 March 2005 and this is how Doraemon gained popularity in many countries other than Japan, and the series of Doraemon that is currently running The third which started on 15 April 2005 and has produced more than 530+ episodes so far.

Great Story to Learn this.

The same series is broadcast today in different places of the world, although in India sometimes this series is also shown along with its earlier series and Friends Doraemon is the most popular animation series of today's time, And the main reason behind its popularity is to entertain its characters and children, as well as a fantastic story to learn.

More than 38 Films have been made on Doraemon

Doraemon is not only popular for the animation series, but more than 38 films have been made on it, as well as video games made on it have become very popular. Friends, 100 million copies of the Doraemon comics series were sold by 2015, as well as the series with its animations being shown in more than 30 countries.

In 2002, Times Asia Magazine's also Awarded Doraemon the Title of Asian Hero

Doraemon has also been awarded the title of Asian Hero by Times Asia Magazine's in 2002 and has also received the series Sacdo Awards, and now the people of Japan consider Doraemon as their culture icon, and friends started this animation series It has been many decades, but its love among people is increasing day by day. I hope you have liked this story of Doraemon, thanks for reading the article.

Asian Hero
Animation Series

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