Real Story of Instagram, Success Story

 Real Story of Instagram, Success Story

Along with the Common people, Instagram also likes Celebrities

Friends, today I am going to talk about Instagram, a photo sharing application identified for its great photo filters, which changed the way people share their photos. Along with the common logo, this application is also very popular with celebrities and within 10 years, Instagram has become quite popular among people.

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You can use its Filter while Sharing Photos

The special thing of this application is that while sharing photos, you can use its filter, so that the photo you like attracts even more, as well as you can add your location in your photos from Jio Tech, And apart from all this, small videos can also be shared through the application.

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Instagram was Started in Association with a Project called Baraban

Do you know that Instagram was started in association with a project called Baraban and the people who started this project were Kevin Systrom And Mike Krieger, who were a good friend, and a project related to Baraban Basic Photography. Was, but apart from photography, it had many features, and due to being compliant, it could not succeed.

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Created an Application named Instagram on 16 July 2010

Recognizing the drawbacks of this application, KEVIN and MIKE focused more on photo sharing while reducing the features of the application, and after collecting funds from some investors, they created an application named Instagram on 16 July 2010. Instant camera and telegram were taken together.

The first photo on Instagram was of Kevin's Girlfriend's Feet and their Dog

The first photo in this application was posted only on July 16, 2010, which was of KEVIN's girlfriend's feet and their dog, in this photo Instagram's XPRO2 filter was used.

How did the Filter Feature in Instagram

Friends, there is a very interesting story behind how the filter feature came in this application, actually this idea was given by the girlfriend of KEVIN, she told KEVIN why she would like to share her photo in a place where her photo is more Not appealing, and keeping this in mind, KEVIN had inserted the concept of photo filters into the application, which became the major reason for the success of Instagram.

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Instagram Downloaded it 1 Million times in a day from the Play Store

On 6 October 2010, Instagram's official application for iOS was launched on the App Store and interestingly, Instagram's Android application was launched after a 2-year-long wait, and by then the Instagram logo had become so popular. It was downloaded 1 million times from the Play Store on the very first day of launching, which was a big thing for any application at that time.

Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram for a huge sum of 1 Billion

Now this success of Instagram was slowly seen in the way of leaving Facebook behind, and all this was also seen by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and in 2012, Mark bought Instagram for a huge amount of 1 billion.

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3 Stand Alone Applications of Instagram Launched

Further, Instagram's application has been improvised logo wise and to improve the services further 3 stand alone applications of Instagram have been launched which is Bolt, Hyperlapse And Boomerang, and then in Instagram from 2010 till now The 10-year adventure has seen a lot of changes, and the one thing that does not change is its popularity. According to the data of June 2019, there are more than 300 million active users on Instagram, just by looking at its active users, you can understand how much Instagram has become popular, hopefully you must have liked this story.

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