Story of Shinchan Cartoon.

Story of Shinchan Cartoon

Friends, we must have seen many cartoons and animations in our life, but only 1 or 2 of these are the ones that rule our hearts, and friends are the most popular animation series Doraemon and Shinchan in which Doraemon's Real Story, I have already published it and you will see it on the homepage.

But let's talk today, the fans of Shinchan's funny antics are seen by children of all ages, young or old and friends. The popularity of this animation series is not limited to any one country, but its fans can be seen in every corner of the world. If we get it, then friends, let us know from the beginning the whole story of Shinchan, who is making everyone crazy with his funny jokes.

Yoshito Usui Created this Series Inspired by a True Incident

Friends, the popular Shinchan series of today's animation series began as a Japanese comics written and composed by Yoshito Usui, and friends are said to have inspired the series to be a true event. was made, in which there was a real-life naughty child named Shinchan, who goes to the market with his mother and sister, but only then both he and his sister are killed in an affair to save their sister from an accident.

Yoshita Usui made a Comics Series Called Crayon Shinchan

Her mother suffers a major shock after the incident, after which she creates stories on a scrapbook from Kryon about her children, how they would have been if they had been, and how they would have done mischief, and Taking this story to heart, Yoshita Usui created a comics series called Crayon Shinchan, published by Futabasha Publishers in 1990, and the original copy of the series continued to come from August 1990 to February 5, 2010.

An Animation Series was also Launched in 1992

However, in the early stages, the character Shinchan of this comics series was liked by the people so much that an animation series was also started in 1992, and this series was around a funny and naughty kid of 5 years named Basic Shinchan Nohara. She is accompanied by her mother MISAE Nohara, sister Himawari and father Hiroshi Nohara. Apart from this, Shinchan also has many friends and relatives whom he harasses.

Shinchan Likes his Madam

If you are a regular viewers of this series, then you must know that he loved his madam very much, for the moment it has become a little overview of this animation series, so let us return to the story of this series, so Friends, as I have already told that after publishing this comics series in August 1990, the popularity of this story has increased so much that within 2 years is animation series was also started in 1992.

Directors of Shinchan Animation Series

Mitsuru Hongo was the first to direct this series, however, later in 1996 to 2004, Keiichi Hara and from 2004 till now this series is being directed by Yuji Muto.

Shinchan Writer Yoshita Usui dies in an Accident

Friends, in 2009, Shinchan's writer Yoshita Yusei died in an accident, causing people to think that Shinchan would no longer have new comics, but in 2010 Yoshito Usui's team created a new comics series called New Crayon Shinchan. It was not so much fun as the old one, but still it became very popular among people due to the Shinchan character.

57 Volumes of Shinchan Comics

Friends, 57 volumes have been made for the entire comics of Shinchan so far, and more than 100 million copies have been sold all over the world, and if we talk about the popularity of this animation series, its popularity is much more than the comics series. Has been more.

Shinchan is Today the 24th Highest Grossing Animation Franchise

Shinchan today is the 24th Highest Grossing Animation Franchise and not only TV series but 26 films have been made on top of it and this animation series is dubbed in more than 30 different languages ​​as well as it is on different channels in 45 countries. Is broadcast.

Many decades have passed since the beginning of this animation series, but even today it has kept a different place in the hearts of people, hope that you must have liked this story of our favorite Shinchan.

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