Real Story of Twitter, Success Story

Real Story of Twitter, Success Story

Friends today, Twitter keeps the whole world connected, every human being can communicate his words to the world. There have been many incidents or there is some concern, everyone can share their thoughts through Twitter, so friends today I am going to talk to the founder of the world's third largest social networking company Twitter and recent About CEO Jack Dorsey, so friends, now we know the entire journey of Jack Dorsey in this article today.

Personal Life

Friends, this journey begins from 19 November 1976 when Jack Patrick Dorsey was born in Missouri, USA. Jack's father's name was Tim Dorsey, and he worked in an aspectrometer company, and his mother's name was Marcia Dorsey, and she was a homemaker.

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Jack Patrick Dorsey's Studies

Jack did his early studies at Bishop Dunourg High School in Missouri. Where he was known as a quiet boy. Jack explains that he had a great interest in computers since childhood, and was also a member of his school's computer club. When Jack was only 15 years old, he also created tracking open source software for taxi cab delivery vehicles and ambulances.

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After 2 Years, Jack got Transferred to New York University.

Jack completed his schooling and took admission at the University of Missouri for further studies, but after some years, Jack got transferred to New York University after 2 years. Meanwhile, Jack continued his studies and one day an idea came to his mind, why not create an application in which people can easily share their ideas there.

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Jack Started Working as A Programmer

In the meantime, he was thrown out of the university even before he completed his degree, which made Jack very sad and then started working as a programmer with his thinking, and in the year 2000 in search of a better job. I moved to Auckland in California, where he started a company, a network base for courier axes and immersion services.

Don't forget the Dream of making Real Time Short Message Applications

During that time he thought of a short message communication service. In Real Time, Joe would update his friends about his location, but in the meantime this company was not very successful, and Jack struggled for the next few years. He started spending his further life through freelancing. However, he did not forget the dream of creating a real time short message application, which he had envisioned.

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Twitter was Renamed on 15 July 2006

Jack met Evan Williams to bring his idea to Real Life. Friends Even Williams is the person who created the world's largest blogging company, Blogger. In the early days, he named the project AOL Instant Messenger, which was later changed to Twitter on July 15, 2006, and this started with Twitter.

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The World's Largest Social Networking Site Twitter

Friends Today Twitter is the world's largest social networking site, and millions of people tweet more than 500 million tweets daily. Twitter's total worth is more than $ 1.47 billion, and a team of about 4600 people handles Twitter.

A Common Man can also Spread his Word through Twitter.

Friends, a common man can also spread his word through Twitter. In the past few years, we all have known the power of Twitter. Jack Dorsey's curiosity did not end despite Twitter getting so much success, he kept on inventing continuously. Today he is also a shareholder of several companies.

Something New to Learn

Apart from Twitter, he also runs a waqtweb.inc company, so in the end I just want to say that "Those who believe in the ability of their steps, they often reach the floor", how did you like to tell us this story Do not forget.

Who is the Founder of Twitter Today

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