Real Story of WhatsApp, Success Story

Real Story of WhatsApp, Success Story

We can do all that we can think and we can think all that, till date, we never thought, Friends, these 2 lines fit perfectly on Brian Acton and Jan Koum, Brian Acton's name you have sometimes You must have heard, if you have not heard, then it does not matter, after reading this article you will know about them.

Brian Acton and Jan Koum 2 Friends together make WhatsApp

Today everyone has an Android phone, and no application is there, WhatsApp is there. We use it all day for messaging, but do not know about its history and success Brian Acton and Jan Koum 2 friends together started making WhatsApp. Both friends previously worked at the Yahoo company, and both left their big company like Yahoo after planning their company.

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Dream of Brian Acton

Due to lack of much success in the initial dys, he felt that he should get the job done again. About 11 years ago today, in 2009, he joined the Facebook company for a job. Brian had a dream to do a job on Facebook, but Facebook rejected him Brian Acton was very unhappy with this, but he did not give up, and applied for the job on Twitter, also he got frustrated here.

Creating your Own Product by not Working for Another Company

In today's time, if anyone is rejected from a company in 1 time, he starts to doubt his own qualifications and abilities, and gets frustrated and sits home but Brian Acton did nothing like this . He rose and with a new hope he made a fresh start. He now thought in his mind that he would no longer work for any other company, and would make his own product.

WhatsApp App Created in 2009

He worked hard day and night with himself and his friend Jan Koum and made WhatsApp on the strength of his high spirits. The WhatsApp with which the whole world is connected today. WhatsApp app was created in 2009 and its growth over the next 11 years is more than Facebook. By the time the WhatsApp app started its work, there were options such as SKYPE, BBM and G CHAT for free messaging, but the special thing in WhatsApp was that it used to login with mobile number.

Old Friends Invested to Work on WhatsApp

Seeing their success and hard work, some old friends of both of them invested to work on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has never looked back since then, and today more than 1 thousand crore people have joined this application.

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Facebook Owner bought WhatsApp for $ 19 Billion

Facebook, which did not hire Brian Acton 11 years ago, bought the application he created for $ 19 billion, which is more than 1 lakh crores in Indian rupees. Today the company that Brian Acton went to ask for a job has become a shareholder of the same company, friends say it is self-confidence. The company in which he went to ask for a small job, the same company gave $ 19 billion to buy his created application WhatsApp, which is considered to be the biggest deal till date.

Earn Money by Sharing stuff on WhatsApp

Friends, from all the applications, everyone is making very good money by sharing the same stuff on WhatsApp, making a lot of good money by sharing and selling the stuff on WhatsApp from applications like Misho App, Work from Home, Mayantra.

Your Success depends on your Thinking.

Your success depends on your thinking. You end your life by being unhappy with one of your failures, or by making the strength of your unhappiness with your failure, you start again with new hope and strive for your success. Friends, recognize the hidden potential inside you and stand up with a new energy, you will definitely succeed.

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