Real Story of YouTube

Real Story of YouTube

Friends, today I am going to talk YouTube on the world's largest video sharing platform, on which you will have seen many videos. YouTube is the world's largest video sharing, as well as the largest search engine after Google, which ranks second in the global ranks of ALEXA, and this platform gives all of us a chance to make our talent reach people Could reach. In today's time, you will find the solution to your every problem on YouTube. Whatever you want to know, just search thousands of videos in front of you, then friends now know when and how YouTube started.

YouTube Company was Started by 3 Employees of PayPal Company, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim.

Friends YouTube Company was started by 3 Employees of PayPal Company named Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. Actually HURLEY studied at IMDIANA UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA before working at PayPal and JAWED KARIM and STEVE CHEN studied from University of ILLINOIS.

YouTube Concept

Friends, now the question comes from where YouTube's concept came from, then let me tell you that there are 2 ways of talking here, if the media believes, then YouTube concept came in early 2005 when dinner party in STEVE CHEN apartment Took place, and they were having a lot of trouble sharing the videos shot there.

KARIM was not in that party and wanted to enjoy the party by watching the videos, but STEVE CHEN could not send the long video to them till the end and to solve this problem, they decided to create a video sharing website where the big files Also could have been shared easily, but JAWED KARIM says that this concept came in 2004 when Janid Jackson's cloth slipped from his body in a concert and KARIM wanted to see that video but he had access to the video Could not find

YouTube domain Registered on 14 February 2005

When the three discussed the concepts of YouTube with each other, they started to create a website called Inspire from hot or not website which is online dating website YouTube domain was registered on 14 February 2005 and the first video in this website Posted on April 23, 2005, titled Me at the zoo which was shot by JAWED KARIM in Zoo named SAN DIEGO ZOO, and you will still find that video on YouTube.

Investors Meet for YouTube

Investors also got together for YouTube between November 2005 and April 2006 and made an investment of $ 11.5 million, and tell friends that initially YouTube's head office was over a restaurant in St. Matio, later in November 2005 named SEQUOIA CAPITAL. The company made an investment of $ 3.5 million, after which YouTube was officially launched in December 2005, and at the time the site was getting around 8 million views every day.

In 9th October 2006, Google Announced that it would Acquire YouTube

Later in 9th October 2006, Google announced that it would acquire YouTube and finally on 13 November 2006 Google acquired the official YouTube. YouTube's partner program started in May 2007, based on AdSense. Under this program, craters were also paid for advertisements shown on their videos. But its ratio is in some way that YouTube takes 45% and gives 55% to the craters.

Since 2010 YouTube also Started Streaming Live Online

Since 2010 YouTube also started streaming live online where for the first time they aired 7 matches of IPL. Its interface was also changed to make YouTube user friendly on 31 March, and by that time a total of 2 billion people had been watching videos daily on the website and then Friends in 2011 for 48 hours of video every minute, 60 every minute until January 2012. By the hour of 2017, and by 2017, 400 hours of video have been uploaded on YouTube every minute, and friends, YouTube is touching new heights.

For the friends who are doing video crateles on YouTube, I would just like to say that they should focus on their content. Quality Content If you provide good people, you will surely succeed, and friends, where is the truth, "If you get success later than others, don't be disappointed, because more time is spent in building a palace than building a house." looks like.

First Video on Youtube Since 2005

Friends, the First Video uploaded to YouTube was named Me at the Zoo which was shot in SAN DIEGO Zoo and uploaded this video to YouTube on April 23, 2005 and no one else is uploading it from this application. The founder is Javed Karim.

Title - Me at the zoo
Upload By - Jawed Karim.

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