Story of Harish Beniwal, Baba Ka Dhaba

Story of Harish Beniwal, Baba Ka Dhaba

Friends, today we will talk about the trend on social media, about Kanta Prasad's dhaba, Baba's dhaba, how these Baba's dhaba became so famous and how these lives have changed. Friends, if you want to know the whole story of Baba's Dhaba, then you will read the article completely and if you like the article, do not forget the shares.

Kanta Prasad, Baba Ka Dhaba

Friends Kanta Prasad and his wife Badamni Devi are both over 80 years of age, both of them cook Tasty food daily since 1988 and without any loss their dhaba which is named as Baba's Dhaba by these two husband wife, who is the capital of their India country. Located in Malviyanagar in Delhi, both these husbands lovingly feed their hand-made food to the wives. Their food is better than restaurants and hotels, if you live in Delhi or the nearby state of Delhi, then you will definitely visit Baba's Dhaba and eat food in Delhi's Malviya Nagar.

Swad Official Youtuber Gaurav Basan vision on Baba's Dhaba

When Youtuber asked him his agony, he wept and he wept as he cried. When this Youtuber asked the owner of Baba's Dhaba at what time do you come here, where did he and my wife come at 6:30 in the morning, and by 9:30 all our food was cooked. Then Youtuber asked how much do you earn during the day, then Baba responded by crying, the dhaba opens at 9:30 pm and by 1:30 pm the sale of Rs 50 has been done, the cost does not even meet. You will know how the owner of Baba's Dhaba started by watching the entire video above.

Social Media changed the Life of the Owner of Baba's Dhaba

The social media has made Baba's dhaba reach the heights today, if a person does any work with all hard work and faith, then God will definitely listen to him one day. Today, thousands of people are coming to Baba's Dhaba to eat their hand food, friends, I do not ask you to do any favors on them, once you go and have a meal, you will forget the food of all the hotels restaurants. Food does not matter.

Today Baba's Dhaba is being promoted everywhere, if their food is not tasty on all the social media platforms, their food is not so delicious, then not everyone is crazy, who is promoting their Dhaba, there will be some talk In food only then everyone is promoting Baba's Dhaba. Friends, I have come and eaten myself and the food of Baba's Dhaba was very tasty, so friends, if you live near Delhi or Delhi, then it will not be forgotten to come to Baba's Dhaba.

Zomato Food Company proposes to make Home Delivery of Baba's Dhaba

Seeing Baba's Dhaba popularity and tasting the food, the Zomato Company made an offer to the owner of Baba's Dhaba, which was proposed to help him professionally by delivering his handmade food home from home. The proposal was accepted by Kanta Prasad, the owner of Baba's Dhaba.

Baba ka Dhaba
Kanta Prasad
Harish Beniwal
Gaurav Basan
Malviya Nagar
Badamni Devi

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