Story of Indian First Astronaut Rakesh Sharma

Story of Indian First Astronaut Rakesh Sharma

Short Story Summary

Friends, we must have often heard this question in childhood, who was the first Indian to step into space? The answer to this question will be known to many of us, but those who do not know let me know that Rakesh Sharma was the first Indian to step into space. However, everyone knows this thing for the purpose of general knowledge.

But how many conflicts are hidden behind this step, very few people know, because at that time neither our country had its own space program, nor the education related to it was present in India. But despite this, Rakesh Sharma, after facing difficult circumstances, went to another country and took training as well as learned the local languages, and then gave India a chance to grow up.

Apart from this, Rakesh Sharma has a lot of interesting things, which you will not know, so today again in this article we will know the full biography of Rakesh Sharma, how this boy born in a common family in India is stepping into space. Became the first Indian.

Rakesh Sharma's Family and his Dream

This story begins from January 13, 1949, when Rakesh Sharma was born in Patiala, Punjab, his father's name was Devendra Sharma and mother's name was Trupta Sharma, and friends Rakesh had a dream from childhood that he was a Days flew into the air, and cherished these dreams in his mind, Rakesh Sharma continued to move forward.

Study of Rakesh Sharma

He did his schooling ST. GEORGE GRAMMAR School Hyderabad and then also completed his graduation from University of Hyderabad, and Rakesh Sharma was very good at writing from the beginning, so he was elected to the National Defense Academy in 1966 and he As a cadet Air Force Join and here too, in view of Rakesh's dedication and hard work, in 1970, he was inducted to become a pilot in the Indian Air Force.

Air Craft MIG 

Then Rakesh was a test pilot in the early days after joining Air Force, and by this time he flew different types of Air Crafts, including the most powerful Air Craft MIG of that time, and with this time Rakesh Sharma's The rank was also increasing in the Air Force, and there was a time when he was considered to be the best pilot, although this was just the beginning of his journey, as he was going to have such a point in his life later, So that his name will be recorded forever in the history of India.

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Rakesh Sharma's journey as Astronaut Started from 20 September 1982

Rakesh Sharma's journey as an astronaut began from 20 September 1982, when he was selected for the joint space program of India and Russia, and friends, this selection was done from among many pilots. Apart from Rakesh Sharma, Ravish Manhotra was also selected for this job, but he was included in the backup team.

After the selection process was completed, Rakesh Sharma was sent to Russia, where he had to undergo the toughest training, and in this training he had to learn the local language of Russia as well as everything from his food to his food. It was closely monitored, but Rakesh Sharma proved his selection right, winning every difficulty.

April 3, 1984 came the Day to Fly in Space

The day of flying into space came on April 3, 1984, after several months of training, and Rakesh Sharma, riding in spaceship Soyuz T-11, became the first Indian to step into space, along with 2 more astronauts from Russia, Gennady Strekalov and Yury Malyshev boarded the spacecraft. Rakesh Sharma and his colleagues spent the entire 7 days 21 hours and 40 minutes in space, as well as they did some research related to remote sensing.

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While in space, Rakesh Sharma also spoke to the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Conversation between Indira Gandhi and Rakesh Sharma

While in space, Rakesh Sharma also spoke to the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, and then Indira Gandhi asked Rakesh Sharma, what India looked like from there, then Rakesh Sharma replied, "Saare Jahan se Achcha Hindustan Hamara" Our "And hearing this answer, not only Indira Gandhi but the whole country was stunned, and then after spending about 8 days in space, Rakesh Sharma came back to India, then people respected him a lot and he got him from the Russian government" the Soviet Union "and also awarded 'Ashok Chakra' to his hero in India.

Rakesh Sharma Personal Life

Talking about Rakesh Sharma's personal life, he married a girl named Madhu whom he met in Russia during his training in 1982, he also has 2 children from Kapil and Kritika. In which Kapil is a film director and Kritika works as a media artist and friends, at the end I would like to salute India's real hero Rakesh Sharma, who gave the whole country a chance to be proud.

Rakesh Sharma's Biopic, Salute

Friends, Rakesh Sharma's biopic, titled Salute, was supposed to come in 2020 but due to Coronavirus, the film will come in 2021 with Rakesh Sharma playing Shah Rukh Khan, if you want to see Rakesh Sharma's story live then watch his biopic Do not forget. Hopefully you will like this story of Rakesh Sharma, the first person to step into space.

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