The Story of AK-47 Rifle, Why and Who Made it

The Story of AK-47 Rifle, Why and Who Made it

Friends, today we will know about the story of AK 47 rifle, who made it and why, if you also want to know the history of AK 47 rifle and you do not know much about this gun, then you will read this article so that you can read about it. If I get to know you well, friends start without delay.

Friends, the process of war has been going on in this world for years, but at different times different weapons were used for war like in the early times people used stones and slowly the sharp bow and swords were used. Experimentation started, then one army started making different types of weapons to be better than other army.

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The Gun was Invented about 500 Years Ago

In this sequence, the gun was invented about 500 years ago, which changed the way of war and at that time guns and lock and fire were used, but in the future the world of guns also changed a lot. And over time its technology has also improved and while we are talking about guns, why don't we talk about one of the most favorite weapons of soldiers, an automatic rifle known as AK 47, Is enough to get rid of the enemies' sixes in the battlefield.

Mikhail Kalashnikov AK 47 Rifle Owner was shot dead during World War II in 1940.

But you know who made it and why? You might not know, but there is also a very interesting story behind the making of this gun, and this story begins about 80 years ago when a man named Mikhail Kalashnikov was shot on the shoulder during the Second World War in 1940. Has gone.

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Mikhail decided to Design an Excellent Bapan Gun

Mikhail was a tank commander in the Soviet Army and was hospitalized after being shot, at the same time, some soldiers in the army told him of the poor quality of Soviet rifles and their weapons being much weaker than the German rifles. That a large number of Soviet soldiers were going to die, and in view of these problems, Mikhail decided to design an excellent bath, and after leaving the hospital, he started working on this project.

By 1944, he made a Gun to be Operated with Semi-Automatic Gas

Mikhail worked on the Submachine gun in 1942 and a Light machine gun in 1943, and then by 1944 he built a semi-gas operated gun that was based on a long stroke pistol. With this gun he participated in a gun competition but lost his gun there with a gun named SKS-45 SIMONOV. However, the design of both guns was very similar and the features were also very similar.

The Prototype of the AK 47 Rifle Featured a Long Gas Piston fitted above the Barrel.

After this defeat Mikhail started to work even more hard on the design of weapons, and then in 1946 he came out with another new gun which he named AK 46 and then in November 1947 Mikhail learned from all the old guns. After many changes, he finished the work on a new gun. Whose prototype had a long gas piston fitted above the barrel and the same rifle was named AK 47.

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The Army also Described the AK 47 as the Best Weapon to use in Every Condition.

The design of the gun was quite simple and also very easy to use, this gun was given to the Army for trial in 1948, and the Army also described it as the best weapon to use in every condition, and then from 1949 This rifle is with the Soviet and Russian Army, as well as soldiers from about 106 countries around the world use this rifle.

Meaning of AK 47 Rifle

In the name of Friends AK 47, A means Automatic and K is named after its designer Kalashnikov and also it was invented in 1947, then 47 is derived from there.

Mikhail did not Earn a Single Penny in his whole Life with this Gun.

Friends, its designer Mikhail did not earn a single penny in his whole life with this gun, he considered this invention to be a service to his country and Mikhail died just a few years ago in 2013 when he was 94 years old, expected Is that you must have liked this story of a 47, if you like the article, do not forget to share, Thank You.

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