The Story of the Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The Story of the Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Friends war is never beneficial to anyone, any loss is won by both the parties, and something similar was seen during World War 2, when America had 2 cities of Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Made the first victim of the atomic bomb. The US dropped the bomb on Hiroshima on August 6 and Nagasaki 3 days later, that is, on August 9, 1945, and this attack had spread a heap of corpses on 2 cities far and wide. Thousands of people lost their lives due to radiation even after the blast.

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The battle in World War was between Axis Power and Allied Power.

Friends, in this article today, we will know what was the reason that forced America to take such a big step. So friends, before telling you about this incident, let us know that the battle in this world war was between Axis Power and Allied Power.
In Axis power
Like Germany, Italy, Japan and Hungary, many countries were involved, while Allied Power included
There were many countries such as the US, Britain, Canada, France, Brazil and Australia, but after Hitler's death the entire army of Germany was completely shattered and the strength of Axis power was seen in front of ALLIED Power.

Axis Power had a Strong Country like Japan

However, Axis Power still had a strong country like Japan. But with the passage of time, Japan's powers were also decreasing, and despite being on the verge of defeat at one time, King Hirohito of Japan was not ready to surrender, and because of his stubbornness millions of people Was going, and the United States had to take a big step to end World War 2 and stop Japan.

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America's First Target Hiroshima

At the same time, on 16 July 1945, the US made a nuclear bomb and successfully tested it. However, at the same time, Japan was also plotting a major attack on America under the name of Operation Downfall, and when it got the idea of ​​US President Harry Truman, he started preparing to bomb Japan with the country's top officials. , And the US formed a committee to research where the bomb should be dropped in Japan, and the people of this committee chose their first target Hiroshima after gathering information about different cities in Japan.

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On August 6, 1945, the US dropped a bomb on the City of Hiroshima, Japan

However, before the nuclear attack, any country needs the permission of another country, and then the United States took permission from the United Kingdom for this attack, and then on 6 August 1945, the United States via air craft at 8:45 am Japan Bombed the city of Hiroshima and the bomb that was dropped was named Little Boy, and it took a total of 44.4 seconds to reach the ground, although after reaching the ground there was such a devastation that no one could see the bomb. Exterminated about 30% of Hiroshima's population, killing about 80,000 people and burning 11 square kilometers in one stroke.

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9 August 1945 America launches another Nuclear Attack on Nagasaki, Japan

Before Japan could understand the attack properly, 3 days after the attack on Hiroshima, ie, on August 9, 1945, at 11.02 minutes, the US made another nuclear attack on Nagasaki and the bomb was used in this attack. He was named Fat Man.

The Second Bomb was Planned in Japan's Industrial City of Kokura.

Although the second bomb was planned to drop in Japan's industrial city of Kokura, but due to bad weather, it was not easy to drop the bomb there, from which the fuel of the air craft was also running out very fast, and in such a situation The US selected the second target Nagasaki and dropped its second bomb, and it exploded while 500 feet above Nagasaki's ground, which caused havoc in the entire city.

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The devastation caused by the Mountains was Slightly lower than the Previous Attack.

The number of catastrophes due to the nearby mountains was slightly lower than the previous attack, but it also lost about 40,000 people and the damage that was caused by radiation was different, and in this way 2 nuclear attacks Since then King Hitohito of Japan surrendered to the US Army on 14 August and it is said that if Japan still does not surrender then after 6 and 9 August, on 19 August America was ready to drop more bombs.

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This was the Story of 2 Devastating Attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Friends, I and you together pray that no country has to face such incidents in the future, friends, this was the story of 2 devastating attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, hope you liked this article, If you like it then don't forget to comment, follow friends so that you can get updates of upcoming articles on time, share it to your friends too, Thanks.

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