Tom & Jerry Cartoon, Success Story

Tom & Jerry Famous Cartoon, Success Story

The best way to reach someone's heart is to make that person laugh and in today's article also we will talk about one such cartoon series, which has made people a fan by making them laugh, along with not 80 years, but about 80 It has been ruling the TV world for years.

Tom & Jerry was formed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera in 1940

Yes, I am talking about Tom & Jerry, one of the world's earliest animated cartoon series. Which was created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera together in 1940 and has been very popular among people since its inception, as well as a cartoon that many generations of us have seen before us.

This series mainly revolves Around 2 Character.

The series mainly revolves around character 2, the first being a cat named Tom and the second being Jerry who is a mouse and in this animated cartoon series the animosity of the two is shown in a very comic manner. In Basic Tom & Jerry, Jerry is the driving mouse Tom wants to catch, and almost every episode of the show is based around this story.

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Tom & Jerry's Friendship is not Hidden from Anyone

Although both Tom and Jerry are enemies of each other, their friendship in this show is also not hidden from anyone, because if there is any real trouble on either of them, then the other would help him and save him Hai and Friends: Sometimes friendship between 2 enemies is also found in some animated series.

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This Tv series Achieved such a huge Success without Saying anything.

Actually, this concept is meant to give a kind of learning to the people and friends, an interesting thing is that this Tv series has achieved such a huge success without saying anything, because in Tom & Jerry's original series, there was no word ever. If not, then let's try to get a little closer to Tom & Jerry's journey so far.

In 1940, Josheph Barbera and Willam Hanna Produced a Cartoon show based on mice and cats called Puss Gets the Boots

Friends, as I already told you, the credit for making Tom & Jerry goes to William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and both of them used to work in MGM cartoon's RUDOLF ISING UNIT in 1930 and lots of cartoons of MGM cartoon at that time Flopped badly, and the company's financial situation was also deteriorating and then the responsibility of getting the company back on track was given to Storyman Character Designer Josheph Barbera and Experienced Director Willam Hanna, and the two of them got together In 1940 Puss Gets the Boots produced a cartoon show based on the mouse and cat, which the people liked.

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Puts Gets the Boots is called the Beginning of Tom & Jerry

Although people believed that this show based on a mouse and cat would not last long, but when this cartoon series was nominated for the Academy Award i.e. Oscar in 1941, everyone's perceptions completely changed and Friends Puts Gets the Boots is said to be the beginning of Tom & Jerry, and later the owner of MGM asked William Hanna and Joseph Barbera to begin work on a new animation series, which was based on the mouse and cat, and then For this series, he started doing some character design again.

A man named John Card wins by suggesting Tom & Jerry

When the designs were finalized, Contest was placed in the studio to give the rat and cat a new name. A man named John Card, who worked on the same, won by suggesting the name Tom & Jerry, and then in 1941 the production of the Tom & Jerry series began, after which Willam and Joseph only worked while working at MGM Tom and Jerry continued to make cartoons, Joseph wrote the story for each of the shorts, while Willam supervised his production, and if you looked at Tom and Jerry's debut carefully, the first thing to do when the MGM logo arrives You must have seen that the names of these two are also written.

William and Joseph built their Own Television Production Studio

MGM stopped its animation on 15 May 1957 and by then 114 Tom & Jerry shorts had been made and William and Joseph created their own television production studio when the MGM studio closed, giving us SCOOBY DOO and YOGI Gave cartoons like BEAR. Although the responsibility of continuing the show was given to many different production houses, the popularity of it at the time of William and Joseph was not successful.

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Turner Entertainment also made Several Films on Tom & Jerry.

In view of this, in 1975, Willam Hanna and Joseph Barbera were invited to work on this cartoon series once again, but instead of being a staunch enemy of each other, Tom and Jerry go on different adventures with each other. He became a partner, and this change in the story also liked the people very much, and friends, in addition to all these, Turner Entertainment also made many films on Tom & Jerry.

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Tom & Jerry have been Nominated for a Total of 30 Academy Awards

So far, Puts Gets the Boots and Tom & Jerry have been nominated for a total of 30 Academy Awards, of which he has also managed to win 7 awards, and friends Tom and Jerry's series is currently underway with Tom. & Jerry know the name of the show and today after 80 years the show is as popular as it used to be.

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In Today's time, Tom & Jerry rule the Hearts of All

Nobody could have imagined about this TV series that the story of a mouse and a cat could be so exciting and spectacular, but the makers of it also did little work, and in today's time, Tom & Jerry's We rule the hearts, hope that you must have liked this story of Tom and Jerry, which has been going on for 80 years, do not forget to tell your thoughts in the comments box and yes friends you can also follow us and get updates of our upcoming articles. If you can, do not forget to follow and do not forget to share the most important thing, Thank You.

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