True Story of Koh--i-Noor Diamond

True Story of Koh-I-Noor Diamond

Friends, this used to happen for a time when diamonds were found only in and around India. Even in Brazil, the Hero mine was discovered in 1725, before that India was the only source of Hero in the world, and friends you know that in today's time diamonds are compared to any other metals. Is given the most priority, and the reason behind it is to be shiny and strong

Koh-I-Noor Diamond

Friends, today we will talk about the diamond Kohinoor, which is considered to be the oldest and most expensive diamond, and it has been the center of attention of people for hundreds of years, Kohinoor is a Zoroastrian word and It means the Mountain of Light, that is to say, "Mountain of Light" in Hindi and due to the unmatched sparkle of this diamond, this name fits on it perfectly.

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Kohinoor Diamond Weight

Friends Kohinoor is one of the biggest heroes in the world and is also very beautiful, weighing about 21.12 grams, but friends tell me that this weight has reduced so much after roofing and cutting many times, initially it The diamond was very big and strong.

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History of Kohinoor Diamond

It is very difficult to say exactly who was the first owner of the Kohinoor diamond, but history tells that this diamond was extracted from the Golconda mine, and Golconda is located near Hyderabad, South India and Friends is a Theory To further believe, Kohinoor has also been described in the pages of history thousands of years ago when its name was Syamantak Mani which means King of Hero.

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It was Nader Shah who Named this Diamond Kohinoor

It was under the occupation of the Kakatiya dynasty after its exit from the Khan, then in the 13th century Khaljiyo started attacking different parts of India, leading to the occupation of the Khilji Sultanate, then Babur Shah Jahan and the Persian Emperor Nadar. While staying near Shah, this diamond came to Raja Ranjit Singh of Punjab, although friends, I have told you these things in one line, but there is a lot of history behind it and it is said that Nadar Shah is the name of this diamond. Kohinoor was given.

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Lahore Treaty was Signed between British and Sikhs, it was Written in that Treaty

After Raja Ranjit Singh of Punjab came to Kohinoor, it began to adorn his royal family, but in 1849, the British established their rule over Punjab, and at that time the Lahore treaty was signed between the British and the Sikhs and that treaty was clearly It was written that Dilip Singh, the ruler of Raja Ranjit Singh of Punjab, will have to give the diamond of Kohinoor to Queen Victoria of England.

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Diamonds are Placed in the Tower of London's Jewel House for People to See.

Since then, since 1851, this diamond has been bringing glory to the royal family's royal family and has been with Kohinoor for more than 170 years and at the time of Queen Elizabeth's death in 2002 it was inlaid with her kraon. Currently, this diamond has been placed in the Tower of London's Jewel House to see the logo and efforts are also on to bring Kohinoor back to India.

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Attempt to bring Kohinoor Diamond back to India

Since independence, Kohinoor asserted its ownership several times in India but Kedrine, the daughter of Maharaja Dilip Singh, died in 1942 and was the only one who could provide any concrete evidence regarding Indian pressure, although efforts are still on Is and hope that the Government of India will bring this unmatched diamond back soon. How did you forget to tell the story of Kohinoor diamond in the comment box, please follow the article and share as many people as possible, Thank You.

Kohinoor Diamond
Nader Shah
Tower of London
Dilip Singh

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