What is Corruption, How to Control Corruption

What is Corruption, How to Control Corruption

Be educated and drive away corruption, come forward as a responsible citizen, today we will tell you what corruption is, and how it can be stopped, then friends start -

What is Corruption

The word corruption means "bad behavior"
If any work is done against the rules or wrongly for its own benefit, then it is corruption. Often people do improper work for their greed, which is corruption, the person doing corruption is called corrupt. The problems of that country are very big obstacles in the way of development of any country. The biggest of all these problems is the 'corruption problem'. If a nation or society gets termite for corruption, then the society-like tree becomes completely hollow inside, and the future of that society is clouded by darkness.

Various Forms of Corruption

Today, India, which is called the "golden bird", is spreading corruption in the country. Today there are many such people in India who are corrupt. There are many different forms of corruption, such as bribery, black marketing, deliberately increasing prices, working with money, selling cheap goods and selling them. India today has almost all types of IT companies, large offices, good economy, despite this, India is still far behind in the race to develop fully, the biggest reason is corruption.

Main Reasons for Corruption

  1. One of the main reasons for corruption is the tendency of selfishness in the minds of people. Whether it is about a person or a society or a community, a sense of personal selfishness in people gives rise to mutual disharmony.
  2. Greed is the second main cause of corruption. No matter how much money a person has, there is always the greed to get more money, and because of this greed, he commits wrongdoing, which would have promoted corruption.
  3. Apart from all this, there are many other reasons for corruption, such as nepotism, ethnicity, communalism, linguism, difference between rich and poor etc.

Weak System of Punishment due to Corruption

The impact of corruption reads not only on one man but on the whole country. The country's money goes into wrong hands instead of putting it in progress. Because of corruption, the rich and the rich are becoming poorer and poorer. Strict laws and penalties should be put in place to prevent corruption. In today's time, the penal system has become so weak, that if a person is caught taking a bribe, he escapes by paying a bribe to avoid punishment. In such a situation, corruption also gets a big boost.

How to Stop Corruption

It is clear that unless corruption is eliminated from the root, the nation cannot progress. Eradicating corruption becomes the duty of not only the government but all of us. In today's time, all of us should work together to end corruption.

If we all take a vow by ourselves that we will not do any kind of wrongdoing, or will not do anything that is unfair or wrong for the country, then corruption from India will be eradicated gradually, and our India will once again be called the "gold bird". For this we all have to take this vow -
"The tricolor will wave gracefully, make India free from corruption"

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What is Corruption
Various Forms
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