All Types of YouTube Play Buttons

All Types of YouTube Play Buttons

Friends, in today's article, I will tell you how many YouTube Awards are there and when and how they are available. Friends YouTube uploads videos to YouTube craters or entertains people, irrespective of any category, when it hits a number, it has been decided by YouTube that if the craters hit that subscriber number then YouTube gives him an award, which we call as official name, it is called YouTube Play Button.

Friends, this different number is found on the subscriber hit, so friends, in today's article, we will know what play buttons YouTube gives on how many subscribers are hit, their names have been friends so far, there are 5 ways of YouTube play buttons. So friends, you want to know about all the play buttons, how the play button has come for the 100M subscribers, how the play button has come for the T Series, friends, I will tell you everything in this article, before moving on, friends if you have our If you have not followed the website, do it now so that you are not deprived of the upcoming articles, then friends start today's article -

1. Youtube Silver Play Button

Yes Friends comes first, our Silver Play Button, and it is given to craters when they hit 100K subscribers, yes Friends when a crater hits 1 lakh subscribers. , Then it is given the silver YouTube play button. For this, as soon as the friend hits the crater, he has to go to the YouTube form and apply, that I have crossed 100K subscribers, then YouTube sends him a code, along with a link, then the creator's visiting that link The code has to be pasted. Almost every play button is found with friends like process.

Does YouTube Charge Money for Play Buttons?

Friends, now comes the matter, whether we read the fees, to take that YouTube play button, not friends, YouTube sends that play button to you by post, to your given address, which YouTube does not charge.

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2. Gold Play Button

Now come, on the Gold Play Button which friends get when they hit 1M subscribers. So friends, this is also the same process, that friends have to apply to YouTube, and they have to say that I have crossed 1M subscribers, then YouTube sends you a link, and gives a code, that code You have to paste that link, then within a month you have a friend golden play button.

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3. Diamond Play Button

Now friends, let's talk about the Diamond Play Button. Friends, the Diamond Play button is found when 10M subscribers are hit, it also has the same process, and friends, it has also come to a lot of YouTube craters.

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4. Custom Play Button

Friends now come on the custom play button which friends get when they hit 50M subscribers. Many people consider it as Ruby Play Button, so friends, let me tell you that it is not an official Ruby Play button. It was first found by Piudy Pie, then Piudy Pie named it Ruby Play Button, such people know it as Ruby Play Button, but its official name which is named by YouTube is YouTube Custom Play Button. . Friends, it is named because whenever a crater hits 50M subscribers, the logo of its channel is exactly the same as YouTube, making it the same play button, which is the icon of Piudi Pie, which is the logo, Like him, he has got a play button, and T-series has got a custom play button made of his teal.

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5. Blue Play Button

Blue Play Button This friend YouTube has not officially announced, but according to the images shown above, the Play button which will be given to YouTube craters after crossing 100M subscribers will be named Blue Play Button. This play button is found on creator's crossing 100M subscribers, the same process of getting it.

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All Types of YouTube Play Buttons
How to Get Youtube Play Buttons
Youtube Silver Play Button
Does YouTube Charge Money for Play Buttons?
Gold Play Button
Diamond Play Button
Custom Play Button
Blue Play Button
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