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"Let the Lamp Burn there, Wherever it is Dark".

Celebrate Diwali with Tradition

On the day of Deepawali, King Rama of Ayodhya returned after his 14 years of exile. The heart of the Ayodhya residents was elated with the arrival of their beloved king. They should light ghee lamps. That night of the dark moon of Kartik month was illuminated by the light of the night lights. It is our duty to celebrate this festival in the traditional way -

* Pay attention to the cleanliness of your homes, shop, office, street locality.

* Wear Indian traditional clothing instead of western dress.

* Decorate with traditional earthen toys, earthen lamps, household / made in India Welt Vandanwar etc.

* Make and serve sweets etc. at home without getting stuck in the baggage of packing.

* Do not dance aloud and drink, but express happiness by serving.

* While lighting firecrackers, be sure to think about the problems of the elderly / newborn, children / animals.

* Worship Goddess Lakshmi methodically and pray for her society and welfare.

Congratulations on Diwali

The house is buzzing, why there is excitement It is a wave of happiness, it is a wave of difference. Today Shri Ram will leave Lala Tambu, in the best grand temple, will come with love. All brothers get bonded and come together today. Sing the love war Sumangal song. This is the best Diwali, burn the lamp filled with affection. Be careful, then do not let any enemy trick you.


Burn the glowing lamp, the sagittal notes of teasing; Let every pain of conscience be colored in its color;

When the car illuminates together, all the lights flickering in Rome - pulkit while roaming, new life communication only;

On the black sheet of the sky, the golden beads disintegrate; Acquire became precious; Light a glowing lamp.

Safe Diwali in Corona Period

-: What to do in Corona :-

★ Use the mask correctly.

★ periodically with soapy water

★ Always maintain a physical distance of 2 yards from a distance on exit.

★ Protect children and the elderly from pens and smoke.

★ Must keep 'First Aid Kit' at home. Wash hands.

-: What not to do in Corona :-

★ Avoid visiting crowded places.

★ Do not eat open-selling sweets.

★ Do not wear synthetic clothes, they catch fire quickly.

★ Keep away from fire and flammable substances after using hand sanitizer.

★ Do not burn firecrackers in closed places and in your hands.

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A Diwali is Like this -

As soon as you hear the name of Deepawali, there is an excitement in the mind. A deep Diwali is experienced in such an atmosphere of celebration all around. But somewhere there is a corner around our house, where Deepawali means only get two meals a day. Why not make Deepawali something different this time, celebrate the joy of this festival with anyone other than home.

Handicapped -

For those who cannot walk, they cannot see, what would be the meaning of Deepawali? Why don't we spend some moments of our lives with him.

Pakistani Hindu Refugee -

If possible, celebrate Diwali this time with Hindu refugees from Pakistan.

Trains Blacksmith -

To protect your religion, try and celebrate Diwali with the people of this society who are wandering from bad to bad.

Begging -

Celebrating Deepawali with helpless people seeking arms to alleviate hunger can bring positive changes in their lives.

Matriarch -

Celebrate Deepawali in Matrachaya to bring happiness in the face of the deprived and deprived children.

Cleaners -

We have to worry that the Diwali of these people who serve the society day and night should also be good.

Doctor Nurse / Medical Staff -

Everybody should be healthy, happy and healthy so they leave their family and family and serve everyone on festival day. We can spend some moments of our lives with them.


Know - Do not light a lamp with the family members of those who are in atonement who live in prison due to unintentional mistake.

Army Corps -
Because of these soldiers, we are able to sleep peacefully in our house. Must light a lamp in the name of these soldiers.

Potters -

Burn only the earthen lamps for the economic progress of this society.

Migrant Lpabor

These laborers stay away from their homes and families in the cities with many sufferings for the bread of June 2. By celebrating Deepavali with them, you spread light in their life.

Ram Ji,
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