Parle G Biscuit, Success Story

Parle G Biscuit, Success Story

Friends, there will hardly be any such house in India where Parle G Biscuit will not come. Many of you will be like this even today, whose tea is incomplete without Parle G Biscuit. This biscuit is very cheap and delicious all over the world.

Parle G Eats Every Category of Society

Friends, every section of the Parle G society, whether it is poor or rich, whether it is child or old, everyone eats, and yes all of you must have eaten this biscuit. Yes I agree that you have a lot of options today, there are many types of biscuit present in the market, but those memories of childhood can not be forgotten, so friends, let us get into a little detail about India's oldest biscuit Parle G Let's talk.

Parle Company was formed in 1929 in Vile Parle, Mumbai

In 1929, when India was a slave of the British, at the same time a small company named Parle Products was formed in Vile Parle, Mumbai, where mainly toffee was produced and then after about 10 years the company also started producing biscuits. Due to its good quality and cheap price, this company soon became famous. At that time this Biscuit of Parle Company was named Parle Guluco.

In 1947 the Parle Company Ran an Ad Campaign

After the next few years, India too became independent in 1947, after which Parle G launched a tremendous Ad Campaign which showed that this Indian biscuit is an alternative to British biscuits. The campaign that left a tremendous impression on the hearts and minds of the people, because patriotism was running in everyone's eyes at that time and Parle Guluco soon became the best-selling biscuit.

By 1980 Parle Biscuits were called Parle Guluco

By 1980, the biscuit was called Parle Guluco and was later changed to Parle G. Where earlier G meant Gulucos and later the same G meant Genius, and friends was another good thing in this biscuit that it was recognizable on sight.

The Secret of the Girl printed on Parle G Biscuits

This biscuit was earlier used in Wax paper packets, but it has started to be packed in plastic packets from a few years ago. Apart from this, the little girl printed on this packet has also become the identity of this biscuit. In the middle of this, there was a rumor on social media that the girl printed on this packet is Neeru Desh Pandey, who lives in Nagpur, but friends, it is utterly wrong, the truth is that the girl printed on this packet is an illustration which in 1960 An artist designed.

Best Selling Biscuits Parle G

Parle G Biscuit was the best-selling biscuit in the world in 2003, in addition to its sales in India today. Friends, Parle G holds 70% of the market in India's gulucose biscuit shredi, followed by bretenia's Tiger Biscuit, which holds 17–18% market share.

The best-selling packet in Parle G's Biscuits is 5 Rs.

Friends, in today's time Parle G Biscuit comes in packets ranging from 5 Rs to 50 Rs, but even today the best selling packet is 5 Rs. In 2014 Parle G was ranked as India's 42nd most trusted brand. Parle G produces about 100 crore biscuits every year, and friends, tell me an interesting thing, when you are reading this article, more than 5000 people will be eating Parle G, and yes friends of your childhood also related to Parle G If you have any memories, tell us by commenting.

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Parle G Biscuit
Parle Gulucos
Parle Genius
Parle G Company Made 1929
Best Selling Biscuits Parle G
Secret of the Girl printed on Parle G Biscuits
Parle G Eats Every Category of Society
Parle G Biscuit, Success Story

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