Real Life Story of Subway Surfers

Real Life Story of Subway Surfers

Friends, today we will talk about Subway Surfers, Subway Surfers is a game, which is very popular among children, and Friends, this game developer has created real life, so what is the real story of this we will know today in this article So let's start the article without delay -

Jack Personal Life

In this game, a boy who appears to be running away, was actually also the name of that boy was also Jack in Real, Jack lived in a small house in a small village, Jack was 12-13 years old. Jack's family had a lot of problems due to which he was not able to raise him well. He used to eat one meal and was hungry for a considerable time.

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Jack Worked to Clean the Train

Jack was very much fed up with his life, he used to think when I will become rich, when I will get rid of all these troubles. Jack was very hardworking, helping his parents at home as well as working outside. His father had made him work to clean the train.

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Jack starts Stealing

Once, while doing his work, he got similar thoughts in his mind, if I buy this train, how will it be. One day, Jack was watching a serial at home, where a person used to work in it, he used to start stealing from there, seeing this, Jack's mind also thought of stealing, so whenever he was cleaning the train Had he ever seen any parts of the train, he would have seen money lying or iron lame, he would have stolen it or said that he used to bring someone to his house without knowing it.

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Jack's Boss kicks him out of the Job

The owner of Jack loved Jack very much as Jack worked very sincerely, but the TV serial spoiled him. The owner of Jack had come to know that Jack was committing thefts here, as the cameras were located where Jack was working, Jack was 12-13 years old, so he did not know that there were CCTV cameras. Jack, then Jack's boss threw him out, he would watch the serial and get ideas from there, sometimes some time, once he got the idea of ​​spray and the spray that he used to clean the train. The train starts to get messy.

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Jack Starts Fleeing on the Train Tracks as soon as he sees the Security Guard

Once the security guard there sees him that he is messing up the train, it is thrown out of the job, what is it doing here, Jack starts running away after seeing the security guard on the tracks of the train. But, and the security guard also runs after him, Jack runs away from the clutches of the security guard and the guard doesn't know Jack's house, so Jack survives, and yes friends of every game There is some real story behind it, which the developer Subway Surfers understands and develops the game. Hope you like this story very much, don't forget to share your friends, Thanks.

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