Real Story of Paytm, Success Story

Real Story of Paytm, Success Story

There is often a complaint of people studying in Hindi medium that due to lack of English, we have spread in our life. But whose intentions are strong, there is warmth in the chest and there is always a desire to do something new in the mind, then he does not blame ignorance but he removes the shortcomings and reaches his goal.

Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Today I am going to introduce Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma to you. Who was an intelligent student studied in Hindi medium since childhood. Vijay came to Delhi to study engineering at the age of 15 and took admission in Delhi College of Engineering. Since Vijay used to sit on the first bench of the class during school days, he started sitting on the first bench in the engineering college too. But one day the teacher asked a question in English and Vijay could not understand, because before that he had studied in Hindi medium, there was no connection with English far away, that day Vijay felt a lot of embarrassment, and also in class. Made fun of them. After this, he started sitting on the last bench.

Vijay Left Classes and went to Library and Computer Lab

It is said that your weakness can ever benefit you. Vijay started leaving classes and started sitting in the library. Vijay read a lot of success stories in the library, those success stories greatly influenced Vijay. The stories did Vijay's English well, and at the same time changed his thinking. This is why Vijay thought of becoming his own boss. After that, going to the computer lab, he also learned coding.

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Vijay Along with his Friend Designed the Website

It was with this experience that he designed indiasite.nit in 1997 with his classmate Harinder. After this, they both started working on many small projects. Exactly 2 years later, 1 US company bought indiasite.nit for $ 1 million.

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Vijay, Along with his 2 Friends, Formed a Company Called One Ninety Seven.

In 2001, Vijay, along with his 2 friends, rented a small room in South Delhi and invested Rs 5-5 lakh per friend to form a company called One Ninety Seven which allows mobile users to create mobile content such as news, SMS, ringtones and One provided facilities like books, but the terrorist attack on America on 9,11 caused One Ninety Seven's business to become very slow, and soon the company's funds ran out, frustrated partners also ran away. This situation was maintained for 2 years.

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In 2008 Piyush Aggarwal Bought 40% Shares of Vijay's Company for 8 Lakhs.

In the 2003–04 conflicts, Vijay was trying to keep his company alive by doing many more jobs. Salary Vijay made his staff members take loans from friends and relatives at an annual interest rate of 24%. In 2004, Vijay's sinking Naiya was supported by Piyush Aggarwal. He invested Rs 8 lakh in Vijay's company and bought 40% shares. After the improvement in cash flow, the company started to progress.

Vijay Opened a Website called paytm.com under One Ninety Seven Communication Limited

Vijay noticed that the use of smartphones is increasing at a very fast pace, so do something related to it that can solve the problems of people. With this thought, Vijay opened a website called paytm.com under One Ninety Seven Communication Limited, and started online mobile recharge facility. Paytm was founded in August 2010 with an initial investment of $2 million by its founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma in Noida, a region adjacent to India's capital New Delhi.

Paytm was Very Easy to Use

There were many other websites in the market that provided the facility of mobile recharge, but the system of Paytm was very simple compared to them. While Paytm's business grew, Vijay also added many features like online wallet, mobile recharge, bill payment, money transfer, and shopping to online paytm.com. Vijay got the fruits of his efforts and struggles and Paytm has become India's largest mobile payment and e-commerce platform today.

Choose your Own Path

The crowd always walks on the path which seems easy, but this does not mean that the crowd always follows the right path. Choose your own path, because no one knows you better than you.
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