Real Story of Shinchan Death

Real Story of Shinchan Death

Friends, I have already published the story of Shinchan on my website, if you have not seen it, I will give a link to it in this article. Friends, today we will talk about how Shinchan died and what his mother did after that, so friends do not delay much, start the article -

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About Shinchan Cartoon & Family

The Shinchan cartoon may have been a favorite cartoon for many of you, it was as funny as the cartoon, the story behind it is equally sad, the story of Shinchan and his family, which was a happy family living in Japan, his family. He had his father Hiroshi, mother Misai, Shinchan and his younger sister Himawari, he also had a cute little dog named Shiro. Shinchan was equally mischievous in real life as he is depicted in cartoons.

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Shinchan and her Sister Himawari Died in an Accident

One day Misai went to the market to shop with both her children Shinchan and Himwari. Missai was busy with her shopping, when suddenly Shinchan saw that her younger sister Himawari was trying to cross the lonely road, at that time the cars were coming very fast, when Shinchan ran to help her sister. , And at the same time a high speed vehicle came and hit the two children, in which both of them died.

Misai Believed herself Responsible for the Death of her Children

After losing both of her children, Misai broke down completely and began to blame herself for the death of her children. In memory of her children, Misai used to make pictures of her children in a book daily, and wrote about their mischiefs.

Inspired by Yoshita Usai, He Created a Cartoon named Crayon Shinchan

This was the reason Cartoon Crator Yoshita Osui read that book when he was so inspired, and he made a cartoon on the life of Shinchan, named Crayon Shinchan

It's Last Episode was not Telecast while Watching Shinchan's Fan Following

The last episode of Shinchan was never telecasted on TV, given the fan following of Crayon Shinchan in children, as the last episode featured the same incident, and it did not affect children so it was never released on TV. If not shown, friends, this was the story of the making of the Shinchan cartoon, how did you tell this story in the comment box, do not forget to follow the website, so do it now so that you will not be discouraged from the upcoming articles, Thank You.

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How did Shinchan died
Who was shinchan saving
What did his mother do after the death of Shinchan and her Sister
Real Story of Shinchan Death
Who was the shinchan
Who was the Himawari
Who was the Yoshita Usui
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