Real Story of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)

Real Story of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)

Friends have created many different sports for their entertainment, which makes people happy by watching and playing, and one of these sports is wrestling. Which started many years before today, but many changes were made to keep it interesting, and this is why it takes long lines to see this game even today.

About WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment

Although there are many different types of wrestling all over the world, but today we will talk about WWE World Wrestling Entertainment which is the most liked wrestling format in the whole world, and friends if you like this article If you are reading, most of you must have known about WWE, but let me tell those who do not know that it is the largest wrestling company in the world, including JOHN CENA, UNDERTAKER, ROMAN REIGNS, HULK HOGAN and BROCK has given a lot of great wrestlers like LESNAR, and Friends Like WWE's Raw and Smackdown, many high profile programs are broadcast in over 150 countries.

WWE Started in 1963 Made by Vince Mcmahon Sr. & Toots Mondt

Apart from this, WWE hosts 12 Pay Per View Event like WrestleMania every year. Along with this, 320 Live Events are also organized around the world, at the moment it is a matter of success of WWE, but it has taken many years of hard work to make it successful, in fact this media company started in 1963 I had 2 wrestling promoters together, first Vince Mcmahon Sr. And other Toots Mondt.

Secrets of the Success of the Wrestling Company

In fact, in the early stages of Pro Wrestling, the wrestling teams were divided according to the Territories, and these groups of Territories were called the National Wrestling Alliance, in which the promoters of each group, that is, they had different managements, Promoters of 2 Territories, fed up with the rules of the National Wrestling Alliance, decided to open their own Wrestling company and after working on their own thinking, they started the WWWF ie World Wide Wrestling Federation in 1963.

It was only a few years after its launch that this company started to become very popular with the people, and the main reason behind it was that the WWWF was successful in getting a higher level of pro wrestling than others. Wrestlers in the company could do their work freely without any restriction, and this company also invested a lot of money in advertising, due to which people started joining this company.

WWFF Co Founder died in 1976

Meanwhile in 1976, the company's Co Founder Toots Mondt died. After which the responsibility for the entire work was done by Vince McMahon Sr. Although Vince was a bit old-fashioned but he felt that a Wrestler should only do Wrestling, moreover, he should stay away from any timeline, and this thinking caused him to be the star wrestler of the time Hulk Hogan was fired from his company because Hulk had worked in a movie at that time and then later changed the name of WWWF to WWF i.e. World Wrestling Federation in 1979 and by 1980 the company was touching the heights of heights. was.

Vince McMahon Sr. Handed over the responsibility of handling the WWF to his son Vince McMahon in 1983

However, Vince gave the responsibility of handling the WWF to his son Vince McMahon in 1983 and with that the WWF now entered a new era because Vince McMahon Sr. His son Vince McMahon was completely different, keeping Wrestlers away from the timeline, he understood that if the company had to take it to greater heights, they would have to change over time and with that in mind Vince McMahon called Hulk Hogan Was again signed to the WWF and he was made the brand ambassador of the WWF, and in view of this timeline, other big racers of other Territories also joined the company and now the WWF was ruling the whole world.

First Wrestlemania Event Organized in 1985

Vince McMahon later went on to deal with a number of televisions channels and now his shows began to be shown all over the world, and then in 1985 the first Wrestlemania Event was organized which became very popular among the people and then seeing the success of this event Mcmahon understood that people finally want to watch, and then later he started many more Pay Per View events like Summer Slam, Survivor Series and Royal Rumble

In 1991, WWF Wrestlers were Accused of using Steroid

In 1991, WWF wrestlers were accused of using steroid. Due to which the case against Vince McMahon was also tried and the popularity of WWF came down very fast during this period but the allegations against Vince McMahon were proved wrong in court and he was acquitted. But now that Vince McMahon needed to do something different to get the WWF back on track, he introduced Raw which was broadcast on TV every Monday, and the program brought WWF back into the hearts of people Played a key role in making space, and then WWF started another program called Smackdown and this program also liked the people very much.

In 2002, the WWF was Renamed WWE Once Again

In 2002, the WWF was renamed once more to WWE ie World Wrestling Entertainment and has since enjoyed Pro Wrestling under this name, and friends, in the end, I would just like to say that WWE entertained us as well Gave a good exposure to wrestlers too and hope that this company will continue to entertain us in the future.


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Real Story of WWE
World Wrestling Entertainment
Real Story of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)
Vince Mcmahon Sr.
Toots Mondt
Wrestling Company
Vince McMahon

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