Story of Super Mario, Most Popular in India

Story of Super Mario, Most Popular in India

Friends, today we are going to talk about the game of Super Mario, which is about the smallest, the biggest person in the public, yes, many years old, very old game Super Mario, which has got many parts, so many popularity This game has been taken so much that hardly any other game would have hardly taken it, who does not know Super Mario today man, most people all over the world know Super Mario game, by the name of Mario, its story is also very interesting. And has been fantastic, the topic on which the developer has developed this game.

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Mario and his Friend

Our story begins from the city of Paris where a boy named Mario lived, he also had a friend who was always with him and supported him in everything. Sometimes Mario would help him, his friend would help him, and sometimes Mario's friend needed help, Mario would help him.

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Mario Falls in True Love with a Girl

One day it happens that the two friends plan to go on a picnic for fun, and go on a picnic, Mario finds a girl on the picnic, making him fall in love with her, slowly passing the time to Mario. He starts talking to the girl and Mario's friend supports him, his letter catches him and his letter makes him fall in love with Mario through such letters, after which he also starts talking on the phone, slowly. The love of both of them increases so much that they can no longer live without each other.

Mario and his Girlfriend get Jealous of his Friend

His friend is noticing all this and Mario did not like to meet that girl at all and he starts getting jealous of him, all the time Mario does not talk to me and talks to that girl, seeing this, his friend very much Hurts that Mario did this to me, this girl has come in between our friendship, so I will not leave this girl alive.

Mario's Friend Kills Mario's Girlfriend

One day when the girl is coming to meet Mario, her friend is waiting for the girl halfway from Mario's house, when that girl comes and when I kill her, as soon as that girl It appears that Mario's friend kills him by taking advantage of the deserted road, Friends, when Mario's friend is going to beat his friend and take him away, Mario is coming to meet his friend at his house, then Mario's As the friend digs a hole in the back of his house and is going to bury his corpse, Mario sees his friend doing it all, that he has killed the girl

Mario's Anger

His mind stops working and he asks what did you do, then his friend apologizes and says with folded hands, brother, I know it happened to me, I didn't do it on purpose, I thought This girl is coming between us, and I should kill her but I had no such plan, it happened to me.

Mario gets very angry, and he slaps her but if both were friends, then the friend will support the friend, then Mario forgets the girl and supports him, then both of them bury the girl in the hole, But friends Mario is very tense, he is very angry with his friend, then Mario gives his friend to the police.

Girl's Soul comes in Mario's Dream

Friends, the girl is dead, but her soul comes in Mario's dream, and tells Mario that my love was true and you are always happy, your friend has no mistake in it, I am in between you two friends. Has come, what happened to me was to happen, so you forget everything now.

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MarĂ­o Understands that What has to Happen Remains through

After listening to all these things, Mario understands that what happens is going to happen, then Mario bails out and frees his friend. Then both friends apologize to each other and live together for life, so friends, do not forget to tell the story of the story till now in the comment box, share it with your friends and do not forget to follow our website at all, Thank You.

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