Friends, how are you all, you are welcome once again, on your own website, friends, our topic of today is the success story of "Realme Mobile", which is a rage in the mobile market today. Friends, who was the founder of this company when it was started, and how this company reached such heights, today we will discuss about all this in this article, you are requested to remain with the article, thank you.

Realme is a Popular Brand

Friends, if you make your customers good things at affordable prices, then you can make your brand popular all over the world in a very short time and in this way many companies such as Nokia Xiaomi and Micromax have made it true Showed, but in recent times another such company has come, in which Mehez created a panic in the mobile market within 2 years and a few months, yes friends, we are talking about mobile becoming increasingly popular around the world. About the brand Realme, which has become the first choice of people in the last few months.

Friends, you can guess the success of Realme from this, that Flipkart sold more than 1.5 million mobiles of this brand during the sale on Big Billion Day's and since selling so many mobiles Realme has made a different If you have made a record, then friends, in this article today, we know how Realme has made itself the most popular brand, leaving everyone behind in just 2 years.

Start up of Realme Company

The story of Realme starts from 2010 when it was first seen in China as Oppo Real. Actually it was an all brand of Oppo Electronics Corporation, which continued to operate under Oppo for the next several years.

Founder of Realme Company

Friends, this brand used to be seen by Skyley who was the Vice President of Oppo. Before making Realme successful, Skyley also played an important role in bringing Oppo to the market in 31 different countries, and then after gaining a lot of experience When Oppo made Skylie a success, then in 2018, they decided to move away from Oppo to create their own brand of Realme, and then on May 4, 2018, launched Realme on China's National Youth Day.

Actually, Skylie launched Realme with the idea that it should be made available at a cheaper price along with high performance and stylish design, so that it can reach the common people, and then keeping this thinking in its mind In May 2018, Skyley launched its first smart phone in the Indian market under the name Realme 1, and if any budget oriented similar is launched in India, then the chances of its success increase manifold, and Skyley retains its old He knew this very well from experience and so he decided to launch his mobile phone Realme 1 in India itself.

Realme Wins People's Heart in First Impression

Friends, because of its amazing features, when this mobile phone was launched in the Indian market, more than 4 lakh units were sold in just 30 days and it touched the hearts of people in its first impression. And then since the first success, on September 4, 2018, Realme also launched its second mobile phone Realme 2 and friends were using this phone in such a way that you can guess that in just 5 minutes of launching More than 2 lakh units were sold within this and this success had now become a cause of trouble for the Xiaomi brand because by that time Xiaomi had spoken in the Indian mobile market.

Due to many changes, Realme Launched more Mobiles in the Indian Market

In addition to making many changes very quickly, Realme launched many phones including Realme C1, C2, U1, Realme 3, Realme 3 Pro, Realme X Master Edition, Realme's latest phone which has been launched, Realme 7 5G which is on 19 November 2020. With every mobile, the new building of success is leaving behind everyone inside the Realme market.

Within a Short Time, Realme has Joined the "Top Mobile Phones Manufacturers"

Realme "Top Mobile Phones Manufacturers"

Friends, this smartphone, which is the first step in India, is not only famous in India, but by July 2019, Realme has set foot in many countries like China, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, Egypt, France and Italy. And in just 2 years and a few months, this phone has become one of the top mobile phone manufacturers, and friends, in August 2019, Realme gained more than 1 crore customers and perhaps this figure is a testimony to the success of this brand. Give.

Along with Realme Mobile Phones, More Accessories like Power Bank & Earphones have been Introduced in the Market

In the end, I would just like to say that Realme's strategy should help those who are going to start their business in the future, and Realme now has many more like mobile phones as well as power banks and earphones. It is bringing accessories in the market and from the way this brand is moving, it is known that soon Realme will rule the entire mobile market, hoping that you must have liked this story of Realme.


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